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Reference Details for Wings of Fame, Volume 6

Book Cover
TitleWings of Fame, Volume 6
AuthorsHuertas, Hewson, Hess, Chinnery, Mason, Dorr, Gunston
PublisherAerospace / AIRtime
Types Covered"MIRAGE AND DAGGER IN THE FALKLANDS" (Huertas): Dassault Mirage, Dassault Dagger; "SAAB J.21" (Hewson): Saab J.21; "BOEING B-17 FLYING FORTRESS" (Hess, Winchester): B-17, PB-1, conventional PB-1W with ventral radar dome, rare PB-1W with dorsal radar dome, Fortress; "AIR COMMANDOS IN VIET NAM" (Chinnery): B-26 (A-26), T-28, UC-123 (C-123), A-1 (AD), C-47 (DC-3), U-10; "NO. 617M SQUADRON" (Mason): Lancaster, Vulcan, Canberra, Tornado; "NORTHROP F-89 VARIANTS" (Dorr): F-89; "WELKIN AND TYPE 432" (Gunston): Westland Welkin, Westland W432
Cockpit DetailsYF-89A [F-89A] (p. 135), Westland Welkin (p. 151)
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway DrawingsB-17F (p. 75, 76)
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings PatternsB-17G (p. 68)
Specific Markings ProfilesSWEDEN: Saab J.21A-1 (p. 31, 32), Saab J.21RA-1 (p. 35); UK: Canberra II (p. 125), Lancaster I Special ["Tallboy" version] (p. 123), Lancaster III Special ["Dambuster" version] (p. 125), Vulcan 2 (p. 125); USA [USAF]: B-17D (p. 49), B-17E (p. 55), B-17E [in USAAF North African markings] (p. 62), B-17E [in Japanese markings] (p. 51), B-17F (p. 78), B-17G (p. 67, 71-74, 78, 81, 83), Fortress III [B-17G] (p. 85), OB-17 [in yellow & black stripes] (p. 69), F-89D (p. 141); USA [USN/USMC]: PB-1 [B-17G] (p. 69); USA [USCG]: SB-17 (p. 69)
NotesQuarterly periodical

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