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Reference Details for Wings of Fame, Volume 8

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TitleWings of Fame, Volume 8
AuthorsGann, Huertas, Crickmore, Dorr, Buza, Lake, Sturtivant
PublisherAerospace / AIRtime
Types Covered"BLUE ANGELS" (Gann): A-4, F9F, F-4, F8F, F6F, SNJ, R5C (C-46), F7U, F11F, F/A-18 (F-18), TO-2 (T-33), R5D (C-54), R7V (C-121), T-38, KC-130, C-130; "SUPER ETENDARD IN THE FALKLANDS" (Huertas): Super Etendard (SuE); "LOCKHEED A-12/YF-12/SR-71" (Crickmore): A-12, YF-12 (F-12), SR-71; "BOEING'S LAST FIGHTER" (Dorr): XF8B; "MiG-17 OVER VIETNAM" (Buza): MiG-17; "HANDLEY PAGE HALIFAX VARIANTS" (Lake): Halifax, Halton (civilian Halifax airliner); "FLEET AIR ARM 1950-1959" (Sturtivant): Sea Fury, Firebrand, Hoverfly, Seafire, Sea Mosquito, Barracuda, Sea Hornet, Firefly, Skyraider (AD), Avenger (TBM, TBF), Wyvern, Sea Hawk, Sea Venom, Attacker, Whirlwind helicopter (HRS), Gannet, Sturgeon, Meteor, Sea Vampire, Sea Prince, Sea Balliol, Scimitar, Sea Devon
Cockpit DetailsUSA [USAF]: A-12 (p. 45, 68), A-12B rear cockpit (p. 45), YF-12 [F-12] (p. 45), SR-71 (p. 57, 68); VIETNAM [NORTH]: MiG-17PF (p. 107)
Wheel Well DetailsUSA [USAF]: A-12 [SR-71] (p. 68)
Other DetailsUSA [USAF]: A-12 [SR-71] landing gear (p. 68)
Cutaway DrawingsUSA [USAF]: SR-71A (p. 74, 75)
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesUK: Attacker FB.2 (p. 149), Avenger AS.5 [TBM-3E, TBF] (p. 148), Dragonfly HR.3 (p. 151), Firefly 5 (p. 146), Gannet AS.1 (p. 151), Halifax I (p. 126, 127), Meteor T.7 (p. 153), Sea Fury (p. 147), Seafire 47 (p. 146), Sea Hawk FGA.4 (p. 149), Sea Hornet (p. 147), Sea Venom (p. 149), Skyraider AEW.1 [AD-4W] (p. 148), Sturgeon TT.2 (p. 153), Whirlwind helicopter [HRS] (p. 151), Wyvern S.4 (p. 148); USA [USAF] Lockheed M-21 [SR-71] (p. 41), Lockheed D-21 drone (p. 41), SR-71A (p. 69-73); USA [USN] F6F-5 (p. 9), F8F-1 (p. 9), F9F-5 (p. 9), F9F-8 (p. 9), F7U-1 (p. 9), F11F-1 (p. 9, 13), F-4J (p. 9), A-4F (p. 9), F/A-18 (p. 9); VIETNAM [NORTH]: MiG-17 (p. 111, 115), MiG-17F (p. 111), MiG-17PF (p. 111)
NotesQuarterly periodical

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