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Reference Details for Wings of Fame, Volume 10

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TitleWings of Fame, Volume 10
AuthorsMason, Donald, Davis, Dorr, Gordon, Heathcott
PublisherAerospace / AIRtime
Types Covered"AIR WAR OVER THE DESERT" (Mason): Kittyhawk I (P-40E), Gladiator, Valentia, Gauntlet, Ba.65, CR.42, SM.79, Blenheim I, Bombay, Hurricane I, Lysander I, Maryland, Amiot 143 (Am.143), D.520, Potez 63 (Po.63), C-47, A-28 (Hudson VI), Super Electra, Wellington I, Bf 110C-4/B, Ju 52/3m, 87B, Blenheim IV, Tomahawk IIB, Baltimore, Beaufighter IC, Fairchild 91, Boston III (A-20, Havoc), Kittyhawk III (P-40K), Halifax II, Marauder IA (B-26B), Albacore I, Martlet I, Fulmar I, Martlet II, Martlet III, F4F-4, Hurricane IIC, A-20B, B-26B, P-38G, F6A {P-51), Mustang I (F6A, P-51), P-39L, B-24D, Potez 540 (Po.540), B-17F, P-38F, P-40F, Lioré et Olivier 451 (LeO.451); "SUD-OUEST TRIDENT" (Donald): Sud-Ouest Espadon (SO.6025, SO.6026), Trident I (SO.9000), Trident II (SO.9050); "NORTH AMERICAN F-86 SABRE" (Davis): F-86F, XP-86, B-45, F-86A, F-86C (F-93), RF-86A, F-86E, TF-86F, YF-86D (YF-95, F-95), F-86D, F-86K, F-86L, F-86H, Sabre 1, Sabre 2, Sabre 4, F-86J, Sabre 5, Sabre 6, Sabre 32; "VIETNAM FCAs" (Dorr): O-1 (L-19) "Bird Dog", O-2 "Skymaster", OV-10A "Bronco"; "BELL P-39/63 VARIANT BRIEFING" (Dorr): YP-39, P-39C, Airacobra I, P-39D, XFL-1 (FL, Airabonita), P-63A, P-63C, RP-63G, P-63D (bubble canopy), L-39 (swept wings), P-400, P-39E, P-39F, P-39L, P-39K, P-39M, P-39N, P-39Q, TP-39Q (RP-39Q; two-seat trainer), XTDL (TDL), XF2L (F2L), XP-63A, XP-63B (P-63B), P-63F, RP-63, XP-63H (P-63H); "P-39 IN THE USSR" (Gordon): P-39; "SUPERMARINE SEAGULL" (Heathcott): Seagull, Supermarine Type 322 "Dumbo" (S322)
Cockpit DetailsF-86F (p. 76)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsF-86F gun bay (p. 77), P-39 [version?] engine bay (p. 119)
Cutaway DrawingsF-86E (p. 75, 76), Sud-Ouest Trident IISE [SO.9050] (p. 32, 33)
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesAUSTRALIA: Sabre 32 (p. 89); CANADA: Sabre 2 [F-86E] (p. 85); FRANCE: Sud-Ouest Trident II [SO.9050-01] (p. 28); UK: Hurricane IIB (p. 14), Hurricane IID (p. 14), Kittyhawk I [P-40E] (p. 12), Martlet II (p. 19), Martlet III (p. 18), Mustang I [P-51, F6A] (p. 21), Tomahawk IIB [P-40C] (p. 12), Valentia I (p. 7), Wellington I (p. 10); USA: B-25C (p. 20), F4F-4 (p. 19), F-86D (p. 71-74), F-86F (p. 68-70), F-86H (p. 79), O-2A (p. 111), P-39K (p. 131), P-39Q (p. 147), P-40L (p. 20), P-51 [F6A] (p. 21), P-63C (p. 138)
NotesQuarterly periodical

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