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Reference Details for Wings of Fame, Volume 11

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TitleWings of Fame, Volume 11
AuthorsDavis, Thompson, Dorr, Lake, Donald, Buza, Toperczer, Gordon, Komissarov, Heathcott
PublisherAerospace / AIRtime
Types Covered"MiG MAULERS: F-86 SABRE IN KOREA" (Davis, Thompson): F-86A, F-86E, F-86F; "SUPPORTING THE FRONT LINE" (Dorr): C-121, KC-97, C-124, C-119, C-54, C-47, L-20 (de Havilland Beaver), SA-16 Albatross, OA-10 (PBY-5A), H-5 Dragonfly helicopter, H-19A helicopter; "FAIREY DELTAS" (Lake): FD1 (Fairey Delta One), FD2 (Fairey Delta Two), BAC221 (BAC Type 221); "MESSERSCHMITT BF 109: THE LATER VARIANTS (Donald): Bf 109F, Bf 109G, Bf 109K, Bf 209, Bf 209H, Bf 309, Avia S.99, Avia S.199, Avia CS.199, HA.1109, HA.1112; "MiG-19 IN THE VIETNAM WAR" (Buza, Toperczer): MiG-19, Shenyang J-6 (Chinese-built MiG-19S); "LOCKHEED P-80 SHOOTING STAR: VARIANT BRIEFING" (Dorr): XP-80, P-80, FP-80, F-80, RF-80, QF-80, TF-80; "THE BIG MiGS: Ye-150/Ye-152" (Gordon, Komissarov): Ye-150, Ye-152, Shukoi T-37; "SECOND TO NONE: 'SHINY TWO', No. II (AC) SQUADRON" (Heathcott): Mustang I (P-51), BE2a, Hunter, Panavia Tornado, Breguet G.3, RE1, Bleriot XI, Armstrong-Whitwort FK8, Bristol F2B (Bristol Fighter), Atlas, Audax, Hector, Lysander, Defiant, Tomahawk IIa (P-40B), Spitfire XIVe, Spitfire PR.19 (Spitfire XIX), Meteor 9, Swift, Phontom FGR.2 (F-4M), Jaguar
Cockpit DetailsBf 109G-6 (p. 77)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsBf 109G-6 engine bay (p. 77), flaps (p. 76), landing gear (p. 76), tail wheel (p. 76); Ye-152M air brakes (p. 139)
Cutaway DrawingsBf 109G-14 (p. 75, 76); FD1 [Fairey Delta One] (p. 35), FD2 [Fairey Delta Two] (p. 39), BAC221 [BAC Type 221] (p. 45)
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesCHINA: Shenyang J-6 [Chinese-built MiG-19S] (p. 113); CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Avia S.99 [Bf 109G] (p. 96), Avia S.199 (p. 97, 98); GERMANY: Bf 109F-2 (p. 55), Bf 109F-4 (p. 53, 55-59), Bf 109G-1 (p. 63), Bf 109G-2 (p. 63, 64, 66, 82, 85), Bf 109G-4 (p. 63, 64), Bf 109G-6 (p. 66, 80, 81-83, 85, 88, 95), Bf 109G-10 (p. 81), Bf 109G-14 (p. 85, 88), Bf 109K-4 (p. 71-74, 93, 94); SPAIN: HA.1109-J1L [Hispano-Suiza-powered Spanish Bf 109G derivative] (p. 99), HA.1112-M1L [Rolls-Royce Merlin-powered Spanish Bf 109G derivative] (p. 99); UK: BAC221 [BAC Type 221] (p. 37), Spitfire XIVe (p. 149), Spitfire PR.19 [Spitfire XIX] (p. 157), Swift FR.5 (p. 157), Tomahawk IIa [P-40B] (p. 157), Tornado GR.1a (p. 157); USA [USAAF]: F-86A (p. 9), F-86E (p. 12, 15, 19), F-86F (p. 19, 20, 22, 25), RF-80A (p. 127)
NotesQuarterly periodical

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