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Reference Details for Wings of Fame, Volume 13

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TitleWings of Fame, Volume 13
AuthorsGunston, Aloni, Goodspeed, Mladenov, Thompson, Dorr, Davis
PublisherAerospace / AIRtime
Types Covered"HAWKER P.1127/KESTREL" (Gunston): Hawker P.1121, Hawker P.1127, Kestrel, Rolls-Royce Thrust Measuring Rig (TMR, "Flying Beadstad"), Short SC1, Valiant; "No. 105 SQUADRON, IDF/AF" (Aloni): A-4, F-16, P-51D, Spitfire IX, Super Mystere; "GRUMMAN TBF/TBM AVENGER" (Goodspeed): TBF (TBM, Avenger); "BULGARIAN AIR FORCE 1940-49" (Mladenov): Ar 96B-2, Ar 196A, Avia B.71 (SB-2), Avia B.122, Avia B.135, Avia B.534, Bf 108B, Bf 109E-4, Bf 109G-6, Bu 131, D.520, DAR-3 Garvan I, DAR-3 Garvan III, DAR-8, DAR-9, DAR-10A, Do 11, Do 17K, Do 17M, Fi 156, Fw 56A, Fw 58, Fw 189A, He 51B, He 60B, He 72, He 111H, Ju 52/3m, Ju 87B-2, Ju 87D-5, [Caproni Bulgarski] KB-2A, KB-4, KB-6, KB-11, Laz-7, PZL P-24, PZL P-43B, Pe-2, Po-2, [Letov Smolinsk] S.328, Tu-2, Yak-9M, Yak-11; "B-26 INVADER IN KOREA" (Thompson): B-26B (A-26B), B-26C (A-26C); "LOCKHEED F-94 VARIANTS" (Dorr): F-86D, F-94A, F-94B, F-94C, F-94D, F-97; "AIR FORCE SEARCH & RESCUE, Part 1" (Davis): C-45, C-46D, C-82A, Cessna 195 floatplane, H-5G helicopter, H-19 helicopter, H-21 helicopter, JN-4, L-5, P-47D razorback, OA-10A (PBY-5A, SA-10A), R-4B helicopter, SA-16 (JR2F, UF, U-16), SB-17G (B-17G), SB-29A (B-29), SC-47D (C-47), SC-54D (C-54)
Cockpit DetailsAvenger I-III [TBF-1, TBM-1, TBF-1C, TBM-1C, TBM-3] (p. 77), F-94C (p. 139), Hawker P.1127 (p. 14), XTBF-1 (p. 77), TBM-3E turret interior (p. 76), TBM-3R (p. 77)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsAvenger II [TBF-1C, TBM-1C] undersurfaces (p. 42); B-26B [A-26B] nose machine-gun bay (p. 121); B-26C [A-26C] bomb bay (p. 123), nose wheel (p. 114); F-94C nose radar (p. 139); TBM-3E tailhook (p. 76), tailwheel (p. 75), turret (p. 76), wing fold [wingfold] (p. 76)
Cutaway DrawingsF-94B (p. 137), Hawker P.1127 (p. 9), TBM-1C [TBF-1C] (p. 75, 76)
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesHUNGARY: Avia B.135 (p. 102), Avia B.534 (p. 99); UK: Kestrel FGA.1 (p. 17); USA (USN/USMC): Avenger I [TBF-1, in FAA markings] (p. UK: Kestrel FGA.1 (p. 17); USA (USAF): F-94C-1 (p. 131); USA (USN/USMC): Avenger I [TBF-1, in FAA markings] (p. 49), Avenger II [TBM-1C?, in FAA markings] (p. 49), TBF-1 (p. 38), TBF-1C [in RNZAF markings] (p. 47), TBM-3 (p. 71-74), TBM-3E2 [in Dutch markings] (p. 67), TBM-3S2 [in Japanese markings] (p. 67), TBM-3W2 (p. 63), TBM-3W2 [in French markings] (p. 67)
NotesQuarterly periodical

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