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TitleWings of Fame, Volume 16
AuthorsGunston, Thompson, Price, Lorch, Dorr, Lake, Aloni, Weal
PublisherAerospace / AIRtime
Types Covered"POGO!: CONVAIR XFY-1 & LOCKHEED XFV-1" (Gunston): XFY-1, XFV-1; "B-29 SUPERFORTRESS IN KOREA" (Thompson): B-29, KB-29; "SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE, PART 2" (Price): Seafire I, Seafire IIC, Seafire L.IIC, Seafire III, Seafire XV, Seafire 17, Seafire 46, Seafire 47, Spitfire IV, Spitfire XII, Spitfire XIV, Spitfire XVIII, Spitfire PR.XIX (Spitfire PR.19), Spitfire XX, Spitfire 21, Spitfire 22, Spitfire 24; "1st BRAZILIAN FIGHTER GROUP" (Lorch): Meteor T.7, Meteor 8, P-4OE, P-47D; "LOCKHEED T33/T2V VARIANTS" (Dorr): TP-80C, TF-80C, T-33A, T-33AN (Canadair CL-30), T-33SF, AT-33A, CT-133, CX-133, DTF-80C, DT-33A, EDT-33A, ETF-80C, NT-33A, QT-33A, EQT-33A (JT-33A), RT-33A, Boeing Skyfox, TV-2 (TO-2), T2V-1 (T-1A), TV-2KD (QT-33C), L-245; "RAF FIGHTERS OF THE 1930s" (Lake): Blackburn F3, Bristol Type 123 (B123), Bristol Type 133 (B133), Bulldog, Bulldog 2-seat trainer, Demon, Fury, Gauntlet, Gladiator, Gloster G38, Hart Fighter, Hawker PV3, Hurricane I, Martin Baker MB2, Supermarine Type 224 (S224), Vickers Type 279 (V279) Venom, Westland Pterodactyl, Westland PV4; "No. 101 SQN, IDF/AF IN THE SIX DAY WAR" (Aloni): Mirage IIICJ Shahak; "LUFTWAFFE MARKINGS, PART 1" (Weal): Ar 65, Do 11C, Do 17E, Do 23G, Fw 58B, Fw 200A, He 5b, He 45, He 46, He 51A, He 59A, He 114A, Ju 52/3m
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsSpitfire XIV, Spitfire XVIII & Spitfire PR.XIX [Spitfire PR.19] engine [Rolls-Royce Griffon 65] (p. 76)
Cutaway DrawingsSeafire 17 (p. 75, 76), T2V-1 [T-1A] (p. 118)
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings PatternsPre-war Luftwaffe markings (p. 150, 151, 153, 156, 157)
Specific Markings ProfilesBRAZIL: F-5E (p. 99), Meteor T.7 (p. 97), Meteor 8 (p. 97), P-47D (p. 93, 94, 96); GERMANY: He 51B-1 (p. 154, 155); UK: Bulldog IIA (p. 134), Demon I (p. 134), Fury II (p. 134, 135), Gauntlet II (p. 135), Gladiator I (p. 135), Hart Fighter (p. 134), Hurricane I (p. 135), Seafire IIC (p. 36), Seafire III (p. 41), Seafire XV (p. 61), Seafire 47 (p. 67), Spitfire XII (p. 44), Spitfire XIV (p. 48), Spitfire XVIII (p. 71-74), Spitfire PR.19 [Spitfire PR.XIX] (p. 50), Spitfire 21 (p. 53, 57), Spitfire 22 (p. 57), Spitfire 24 (p. 57); USA: XFY-1 (p. 11), T2V-1 [T-1A] (p. 117)
NotesQuarterly periodical

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