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Book Cover
TitleWings of Fame, Volume 17
AuthorsLake, Aloni, Mersky, Dorr, Goodspeed, Gordon, Dexter, Thopmson, Heathcott, Cicalesi, Rivas, Huertas
PublisherAerospace / AIRtime
Types Covered"BLACKBURN FIREBRAND & FIRECREST" (Lake): Firebrand, Firecrest; "No. 101 SQN, IDF/AF IN THE SIX DAY WAR: PART 2" (Aloni): Mirage III Shahak; "AICHI M6A1 SIERAN" (Mersky): M6A1, M6A1-K; "CONVAIR F-102 DELTA DAGGER" (Dorr): XP-92 (P-92), XF-92 (F-92), XF-92A (F-92A), YF-102, YF-102A, F-102A, TF-102A, QF-102, NF-106B, EB-57E, An-12, F-101F; "CURTISS F9C SPARROWHAWK" (Goodspeed): XF9C-1, F9C-2, XJW-1 (JW); "POLIKARPOV BIPLANE FIGHTER VARIANTS" (Gordon, Dexter): 2I-N1, I-3, D-2 (DI-2), I-5, I-15, I-152, DIT-2, I-153, I-90; "BUILT IN BUFFALO" (Thopmson, Heathcott): XP-46 (P-46), P-40B, Hawk 75, C-46, XSB2C-1, O-52, P-40D; "CABERRAS OF THE FUERZA AÉREA ARGENTINIA" (Cicalesi, Rivas, Huertas): Canberra 62, Canberra T.64; "LUFTWAFFE MARKINGS: PART 2" (Weal): Ar 196A, Bf 109E-3, Bf 109E-4, Bf 109F, Bf 109G-6, Bf 110D[?], Do 17Z, Fw 190A, He 111, He 115B, Ju 52/3m
Cockpit DetailsF9C-2 (p. 104), Firebrand TF.5 (p. 13), M6A1 (p. 29), Mirage III Shahak (p. 24)
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway DrawingsFirebrand TF.IV (p. 12, 13), F-102A (p. 75, 76)
Multiview DrawingsI-153 (p. 126)
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesGERMANY: He 115B-1 (p. 157); SOVIET UNION: 2I-N1 (p. 111), I-3 (p. 111), I-5 (p. 13), I-15 (p. 117, 119), I-15bis (p. 117, 119), I-153 (p. 109, 125); USA: F9C-2 (p. 105), F-102A (p. 64, 71-74), TF-102A (p. 57)
NotesQuarterly periodical

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