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TitleWings of Fame, Volume 20
AuthorsCalliaro, Lake, Thompson, Francillon, Pittaway
PublisherAerospace / AIRtime
Types Covered"RAF MARITME OPERATIONS, 1945-82" (-----): Lancaster MR.3, Neptune MR.I, Nimrod MR.1, Sea King HAR.3 helicopter, Shackleton MR.1, Shackleton MR.2, Sunderland GR.V, Whirlwind HAR.10 helicopter; "51º STORMO" (Caliaro): Ambrosini S.7, AMX, Baltimore, C-45, CR.32, F-84F, F-84G, F-86K, F-104G, F-104S, G.50, G.55, G.59, G.91, Ju 87D-3, MB.326, MC.205V, P-47D bubbletop, RT-33A, SIAI S.208M, SM.79, Spitfire V, Spitfire IX, T-33A; "HAWKER HUNTER" (Lake): Hawker P.1067, Hawker P.1083, Hunter F.1, Hunter F.2, Hunter F.4, Hunter F.5, Hunter F.6, Hunter T.7, Hunter T.8, Hunter FGA.9, Hunter FR.10, Hunter GA.11, Hunter T.12, Hunter 50, Hunter 51, Hunter 56, Hunter 58, Hunter T.66; "HEAVY HAULERS — USAF TRANSPORTS IN KOREA" (Thompson): C-46, C-47 , C-54D, C-119C, C-124 ; "LOCKHEED CONSTELLATION MILITARY VARIANTS" (Francillon): C-69, C-69A, XC-69E, C-121A, C-121C, C-121G, C-121H, EC-121D, EC-121P, EC-121Q, EC-121R, EC-121S, EC-121T, JC-121K, L-1049, NC-121J, NC-121K, NEC-121J (YEC-121J), R7V-1 (R70-1, C-121J), R7V-2, RC-121C, RC-121D (EC-121D), VC-121B, VC-121E, VC-121F, WC-121N, WV-1 (PO-1W), WV-2 (PO-2W, EC-121K), WV-2E, WV-2Q (EC-121M), WV-3, W2V-1 project, Super Constellation prototype; "RAAF IN THE 1950s" (Pittawy): Auster III, Beaufighter 21, Beaver, Bristol Freighter, C-130A, CAC Mustang 20, Canberra 20, Canberra 21, Convair 440, Dakota, GAF Pica ("Project C"), Lincoln 30, Lincoln 31, Meteor T.7, Meteor F.8, P-51D, P-51K, P2V-5, S-51 helicopter, Sabre, Sea Hornet TT.20, Sycamore 4 helicopter, Tiger Moth, Vampire F.2, Vampire T.35, Viking, Washington (B-29), Winjeel, Wirraway
Cockpit DetailsC-119C (p. 101), Hunter F.6 (p. 77), Hunter T.8 [?] (p. 77), Hunter 58 (p. 77)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsHunter FGA.9 flap (p. 77)
Cutaway DrawingsHunter FGA.9 (p. 75, 76)
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesITALY: F-84G (p. 19), G.50 (p. 15), MC.205V (p. 15); UK: Hunter F.1 (p. 35), Hunter T.8 (p. 45), Hunter FGA.9 (p. 63, 71-74), Shackleton MR.2 (p. 9); USA: WC-121N (p. 129)
NotesQuarterly periodical

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