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Reference Details for The World Aircraft in Colour: Volume Two

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TitleThe World Aircraft in Colour: Volume Two
Types CoveredGERMANY: Bf 109E, Bf 109G, Fw 190A, Ju 88A, Me 410B; JAPAN (JAAF): Ki-43, Ki-44, Ki-45, Ki-61, Ki-67, Ki-84, Ki-100-I; JAPAN (JNAF): A6M3, A6M5, D4Y1, N1K2-J; UK: Kittyhawk I [P-40D], Mosquito NF.II, Spitfire V, Spitfire XIV; USA (USAAF): P-38J, P-40N, P-47D, P-51B, P-51D; USA (USN): F4F-3, F4U-1, F6F-3, TBM-3 (TBF-3)
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesGERMANY: Bf 109E-4 (p. 97), Bf 109G-2/Trop (p. 101), Fw 190A-4 (p. 109), Ju 88A-4 (p. 113), Me 410B-2/U-1 (p. 105); JAPAN (JAAF): Ki-43-IIb (p. 53), Ki-44-IIb (p. 57), Ki-45 Kai/Hei (p. 73), Ki-61-I Kai/Hei (p. 61), Ki-67-I (p. 93), Ki-84-Ia (p. 65), Ki-100-I (p. 69); JAPAN (JNAF): A6M3 (p. 77), A6M5c (p. 81), D4Y1 (p. 89), N1K2-J (p. 85); UK: Kittyhawk Ia [P-40D] (p. 125), Mosquito NF.II (p. 129), Spitfire Vb (p. 117), Spitfire XIV (p. 121); USA (USAAF): P-38J (p. 5), P-40N/5 (p. 9), P-47D-20RE razorback (p. 13), P-47D-25RE bubbletop (p. 17), P-51B (p. 21), P-51D (p. 25); USA (USN): F4F-3 (p. 29), F4U-1D (p. 33), F6F-3 (p. 37), TBM-3 [TBF-3] (p. 41)
NotesLarge 17''x11" format, with full-page color plates

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