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Reference Details for Rumanian Air Force: The Prime Decade, 1938-1947

Book Cover
TitleRumanian Air Force: The Prime Decade, 1938-1947
Types CoveredBleriot XI, Potez 25 (Po.25), IAR 38, Bf 109E-3, He 111H-3, He 112B, IAR 80, IAR 37, SM.79B (twin-engine SM.79), Bf 109G-6, IAR 27, PZL P-11, IAR 14, Hurricane I, MiG-3, I-16, PZL P-24, Bf 109G-2, Bf 109G-4, IAR 81, P-51B, Bf 110C, Fw 190A, Polikarpov U-2, Bf 109G-1, Yak-1M, Bf 110F, PZL P-37 Los, Ju 88A-4, PZL P-23 Karas, Potez 63-11 (Po.631), Ju 87D-3, Hs 129B, Ju 87D-5, Blenheim I, Ju 88D-1, Cant Z.501B, Lockheed Model 10 Electra, Potez 650 (Po.650), He 111E-3, Junkers W 34 (Ju 34), Fleet F-10G, SET 7Kd, Nardi FN.305, Fi 156Ca-3, Staaken R.XIVa, Bloch MB.210, Potez 543 (Po.543), B-24D, B-17G, IAR 39, Potez 633 (Po. 633), Do 17M, IAR 39, SM.55A, SM.63bis, He 114B, SET 4H/7H prototype, He 42, He 114C, SM.62, Potez 561 (Po.561) , DC-3, RWD 13S (RWD-13S), Lockheed Model 14 Electra, Ju 52/3m, DFS 230, SET4, ICAR Universal, Miles Hawk, Bf 108B, IAR 27, Kl 35, RWD 14 (RWD-14), Bu 133 Jungmeister, Ar 66C, Fw 44 Stieglitz
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsPZL P-37 Los flap (p. 58); Yak-1M engine bay (p. 36)
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesBf 109E-3 (p. 35), Bf 109G-1 (p. 35), Bf 109G-2 (p. 38), Bf 109G-6 (p. 39), Bf 110C (p. 38), Blenheim I (p. 43), Cant Z.501B (p. 46), Fi 156Ca-3 (p. 47), Fleet F-10G (p. 47), Fw 190A (p. 38), He 111E-3 (p. 46), He 111H-3 (p. 39), He 112B (p. 35), Hs 129B (p. 43), Hurricane I (p. 34), IAR 80A (p. 34, 38), IAR 81 (p. 38), Junkers W 34 [Ju 34] (p. 47), Ju 87D-3 (p. 42), Ju 87D-5 (p. 43), Ju 88A-4 (p. 42), Ju 88D-1 (p. 46), Lockheed Model 10 Electra (p. 46), MiG-3 (p. 35), Nardi FN.305 (p. 47), Potez 63-11 [Po.631] (p. 42), Potez 650 [Po.650] (p. 46), PZL P-11F (p. 34), PZL P-23 Karas (p. 42), PZL P-24E (p. 34), PZL P-37 Los (p. 39), SET 7Kd (p. 47), SM.79B [twin-engine SM.79] (p. 39)

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