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Reference Details for Republic P-47 Thunderbolt: From Seversky to Victory

Book Cover
TitleRepublic P-47 Thunderbolt: From Seversky to Victory
PublisherWidewing Publications
Types CoveredBell P-39; Consolidated Y1P-25 (P-25), P-30; Curtiss Model 75 (P-36, Hawk 75), XP-40 (P-40); Detroit Aircraft Altair (XRO-1, DL-2A), YP-24 (P-24); Grumman XF6F (F6F); Hawker Hurricane prototype, Tornado; Hughes Racer; Lockheed Sirius; Northrop 3A (XFT-1); Polikarpov I-16; Reggiane Re.2000; Republic: AT-12, P-43, AP-12 Rocket [project]; Seversky: EP1-68 European DemonstratorSEV-3, 3XAR, SEV-1XP, SEV-2XP, SEV-3M-WW, BT-8 (SEV-BT-8), X-BT (SEV-XBT, SEV-X-BT), SEV-S2 (S2 racer), SEV-1XP (1XP racer), SEV-AP-7 (AP-7 racer), SEV-2PA (AT-12), SEV-DS (SEV-D S), P-35, SEV-AP-4 (AP-4), SEV-AP-9 (AP-9), SEV-2PA-BX Convoy Fighter, SEV-2PA-B3 (A8V-1, IJNAF Type S), Soviet SP-2PA-A amphibian, SEV-2PA-L, SEV-EP 106 European Pursuit (Swedish J 9), Columbian SEV-3M-WW, SEV-2PA-204A (Swedish J 6), SEV-AP-1 (AP-1 pursuit), Seversky Executive [project], XP-41 (P-41); Supermarine type 224 "Spitfire", Spitfire; Verville-Sperry R-3 monoplane racer; Vickers PVO-10 (Vickers Type 10 fighter); Vought V-141, XF4U (F4U)
Cockpit DetailsSEV-3 (p. 34), SEV-S2 (p. 43), SEV-DS (p. 45), Seversky EP1-68 European Demonstrator baggage compartment (p. 65), YP-43 [P-43] (p. 97), P-44-IV [project] (p. 103, 372), XP-47B [P-47B] (p. 109), P-47D gunsight (p. 287), P-47D-25-RE (p. 285), P-47N (p. 331, 332)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsP-44 engine bay (p. 101); P-47D underwing smoke cannisters (p. 255), underwing rocket tubes (p. 272); P-47N engine bay (p. 339); Chrysler XI-2220 [Chrysler XIV-2220] XP-47H [P-47H] inline engine (p. 231); Pratt & Whitney R-1830 [P-35, P-36, P-43, B-24] Twin Wasp radial engine (p. 22, 68); Pratt & Whitney R-2800 [P-44, P-47] Double Wasp radial engine (p. 101, 222, 235); Pratt & Whitney R-4360 [XP-72 (P-72)] radial engine (p. 101, 222, 235)
Cutaway DrawingsP-35 (p. 55), AP-12 Rocket project (p. 79), P-47D-10-RE (p. 309), P-47D-25-RE (p. 249), P-47N-5-RE (p. 333-336)
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesRepublic P-43 Lancer (p. 84), P-44-IV project (p. 85), RP-47B (p. 85), P-47B (p. 86), P-47D (p. 86, 87, 89-91), P-47M (p. 92), P-47N [F-47N] (p. 92), Thunderbolt I (p. 88), XP-47H (p. 88), XP-72 [P-72] (p. 93); Seversky SEV-2PA-A Amphibian (p. 83), P-35 (p. 84)
NotesIncludes 42 pages of color photos

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