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Reference Details for Wings of the Weird and Wonderful, Vol. 2

Book Cover
TitleWings of the Weird and Wonderful, Vol. 2
Types CoveredP-59, B-17, F2A, A-20, Gannet, F9F-6 Cougar, Hampden, Sea Hawk, JRF, Ju 188, Ju 290, P-38, B-26, Me 410, A6M, P-51, F-86, AJ, P-61, Saunders-Roe A1 (SR/A1), Stirling, Sturgeon, R-4B, Attacker, Dumbo, Seafang, Seagull, Wellington, Windsor, Vengeance (A-31, A-35), Welkin, Whirlwind, Wyvern
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