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Reference Details for Picture History of Aviation on Long Island 1908-1938

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TitlePicture History of Aviation on Long Island 1908-1938
AuthorsDade, Strnad
Types CoveredDurant balloon, Walden monoplane & biplane, Curtiss "Golden Flyer" ("Gold Bug"), Farman biplane, Bleriot IX monoplane, Antoinette monoplane, Moisant-Bleriot monoplane, Geary Circular Triplane, Huntington "Clam", Fit monoplane, Wright "hydroaeroplane", Heinrich Tractor Biplane, Curtiss F flying boat, JN-4 "Jenny", Curtiss - Sperry "Aerial Torpedo", Curtiss NC (NC-1, NC-3, NC-4) flying boats, R34 airship, Curtiss "Oriole", Curtiss 18-T-2 "Wasp" triplane, Lawson airliner, Curtiss "Eagle", Remington-Burnelli RB-1 & RB-2 airliners, Curtiss R-1 racer, Junkers - Larson JL-6, Sperry M-1 "Messenger", Curtiss (Navy-Curtiss) CR-2 racer, LWF Engineering Model H ("Owl", "Giant", "Goliath"), Fokker T-2 monoplane, Curtiss R2C racer, Curtiss PW-8 pursuit biplane, Hanriot HD-1 WWI fighter, SE5a, Curtiss R3C racer, Curtiss "Lark", Sikorsky S-35, Fairchild FC-1 monoplane, Bellanca (Wright-Bellanca) WB-2 monoplane, Ryan "Spirit of St. Louis", Byrd's Fokker Tri-Motor "America", Kirkham floatplane racer, Fokker S-3, Laird biplane, Sikorsky S-36 amphibian, Breguet "Nungesser-Colt", Bonney "Bonney Gull", Waco 10, Fairchild FC-2W monoplane, Bellanca "Roma", Bellanca "Three Musketeers", Bernard 191 "Yellow Bird", Lockheed Air Express, Curtiss Condor, Curtiss Kingbird, Curtiss Thrush, Curtiss Robin, Curtiss Carrier Pidgeon II, Curtiss Fledgling, Doolittle's Consolidated NY-2, Curtiss Tanager, Fokker Tri-Motor "Southern Cross", Breguet XIX, Travel Air "Mystery Ship", Dornier DO-X (Do X), Lockheed Vega, Loening XSL-2 (SL), Grumman XJF-1 (JF) Duck, Lockheed Sirius, Savoia-Marchetti S-55, Seversky SEV-3, Bellanca monoplane "Warsaw", F3F-1, Vultee V-1A, Gulfhawk II (Grumman G-22), Grumman G-21A Goose, Blohm und Voss Ha 139V-1, Douglas BT-2, Lockheed 14, Fw 200 airliner
Cockpit DetailsTravel Air "Mystery Ship" instrument panel (p. 139)
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