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Reference Details for America's Army and Air Force Airplanes, Post World War I to the Present

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TitleAmerica's Army and Air Force Airplanes, Post World War I to the Present
Types CoveredAttack aircraft: Northrop 2-E, XA-2 (A-2), A-3B, XA-4 (A-4), XA-7 (A-7), Y1A-8, A-8, YA-10 (A-10), A-11, A-12, XA-14 (A-14), XA-16 (A-16), A-17, A-17A, A-18, YA-19 (A-19), A-20A, A-20G, X-21A (A-21, Stearman X-100), XA-22 (A-22), A-24 (SBD), A-25 (SB2C), A-26B (B-26, YB-26K), A-26C, NA-44 (A-27), A-29 (Hudson), A-30A (Baltimore), A-31, XA-32 (A-32), A-33, A-35 (Vengeance), A-36, A-37B, XA-38 (A-38), XA-39 (A-39), XA-40 (A-40), XA-41 (A-41), A-7B, A-7D, A-9A, A-10A, DB-7B, Martin 167 (Maryland), Vultee V-11, Vultee V-12; Advanced trainers: AT-3, AT-4, AT-5A, AT-6 (T-6, SNJ), AT-7 (SNB, Beech 18) AT-9, AT-10, AT-11 (SNB, Beech 18), Seversky 2-PA-1 (2PA-1, A-12), XAT-13 (AT-13), XAT-14 (AT-14), XAT-15 (AT-15), AT-17, AT-19, AT-21; Bombers: JN-6HB, LB-7, MB-1, MB-1 (T-1), MB-2 (NBS-1), XNBL-1, XNBS-4, B-2, B-3A, B-4A, B-5A, B-6A, XB-7A (B-7), YB-8 (B-8), YB-9 (B-9), YB-10, B-10B, YB-12A floatplane, YB-12A on skis, B-12A, XB-14 (B-14), XB-15 (B-15), Boeing 299 (B-17 prototype), Y1B-17, B-17B, B-17C, B-17E, B-17F, B-17G, B-17H, B-18, B-18A, B-18B, XB-19A (B-19), XB-21 (B-21), B-23, B-24D, B-24J, B-24M, B-25A, B-25B, B-25H, B-25J, B-26A, B-26B (AT-23A), B-26C, B-26F, Marauder III (B-26G), B-29RB-29, YKB-29, B-32, B-34, XB-35 (B-35), B-36A, B-36B, B-36J, B-37 (PV-1), XB-38 (B-38), XB-39 (B-39), YB-40 (B-40), XB-42 (B-42), XB-42A (B-42A), XB-43 (B-43), XB-44 (B-44), B-45A, RB-45C, XB-46 (B-46), XB-47, B-47A, B-47B, B-47E, XB-48 (B-48), YB-49 (B-49), YRB-49A, TB-50, B-50D, KB-50K, XB-51 (B-51), B-52D, B-52G, B-57B, RB-57D, B-58A, YB-60 (B-60), RB-66B, XB-70 (B-70), B-1A, B-1B, B-2; Basic combat aircraft: BC-1, BC-2, BC-3; Basic trainers: BT-2B, BT-2C, YBT-3 (BT-3), XBT-4 (BT-4), XBT-5 (BT-5), BT-8, BT-9, BT-9B, BT-9C, Y1BT-10 (BT-10), BT-13A, BT-14A, XBT-17 (BT-17), CW-19R, CW-23; Cargo aircraft: C-1, C-2A, C-4 (C-4A, Ford 5-AT trimotor), C-6A, C-8, C-9, Y1C-12 (C-12, DL-1 Vega), C-14A (Fokker F-14), C-15A (Fokker F-14), Y1C-17 (C-17, Speed Vega), Y1C-19 (C-19, Northrop Alpha), Y1C-23 (C-23, Lockheed Altair 8-D), Y1C-24 (C-24, American Pilgrim 100-B), Y1C-27 (Bellanca P-300 Airbus), C-27B, C-27C, C-28, C-29, YC-30 (C-30, Curtiss Condor), C-33, C-34 (DC-2), XC-35 (C-35, Lockheed Electra), Y1C-36 (C-36, Lockheed Model 10A Electra), Y1C-37 (C-37, Lockheed Model 10A Electra), C-38 (DC-2, C-33, C-34), C-40B (Lockheed Model 12A Electra Jr.), UC-43 (C-43, Staggerwing, GB, JB), C-45, C-45G, C-46A, C-46D, C-46E, TC-47B (DC-3), XC-47C floatplane, C-47D, C-49 (DC-3), C-53 (DC-3), C-54B (DC-4), C-54D (DC-4), C-54G (DC-4), XC-55 (C-55, Curtiss CW-20), C-60A (Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar), C-64A, C-69, C-73 (Boeing Model 247), C-74, C-75, C-76, UC-78, C-82A, C-87 (B-24D), XC-97 (C-97), KC-97B, XC-99 (C-99), XC-108 (B-17E), XC-113 (turboprop XC-46C), C-118A (DC-6), C-119C, C-119F, XC-120 (C-120), C-121C, VC-122 (C-122), XC-123A, C-123B, C-123K, C-124A, C-124C, YC-125B, LC-126 (C-126, Cessna 195), C-130A, AC-130, C-131A, C-133A, C-134A, KC-135A, VC-140B, C-141A, XC-142A (C-142), C-5A, VC-6A, C-7A, YAC-1, C-8A, C-9A, C-10A, C-12A, C-17A; Electronic warfare aircraft: E-3A, E-4A; Photo-reconnaissance aircraft: F-1 (Fairchild F-71), F-2 (Beech 18 Electra), F-5A (P-38 [version?]), F-5B (P-38G), XF-11 (F-11), XF-12 (F-12), F-13A (B-29), F-15A (XP-61E); Fighters: SPAD VII, Thomas Morse S-4C, Standard E-1, Boeing MB-3A, Curtiss-Orenco D, Curtiss 18B, PW-2, PW-4, PW-8, XPW-8A, PW-8A, XPW-9, PW-9C, P-1A, P-1B, P-2, XP-3A, P-3A, XP-4 (P-4), P-5, XP-6, P-6, XP-6A, P-6A, P-6B, P-6D, XP-6E, P-6E, XP-6F, XP-6G, XP-6H, XP-7 (P-7), XP-8 (P-8), XP-9 (P-9), XP-10 (P-10), P-12, P-12D, P-12E, P-12F, XP-13 (P-12), XP-15 (P-15), P-16, XP-17 (P-17), YP-20 (P-20), XP-22 (P-22), XP-23 (P-23), YP-24 (P-24), Y1P-25 (P-25), XP-26, P-26A, P-26C, PB-2A, YP-29 (P-29), YP-29B (P-29B), P-30, XP-31 (P-31), Vought V-141, Seversky AP-1 (P-35 prototype), P-35, Seversky EP-1, Seversky AP-9, Curtiss 75 prototype, Y1P-36, P-36A, Curtiss Hawk 75A, P-36C, YP-37 (P-37), XP-38, P-38F, P-36G, P-38H, P-38J, P-38L, P-38M, YP-39, P-39C, P-39D, P-39F, P-39L., P-39N, TP-39Q, XP-40, Hawk 87A (P-40-CU), Hawk 81-A2 (P-40B), P-40C, P-40E, P-40F, P-40K, P-40L. TP-4N, P-40N, XP-41 (P-41), XP-42 (P-42), Seversky AP- (P-43 prototype), YP-43 (P-43), P-43A, XP-46A (P-46), XP-47B, P-47D, P-47G, XP-47J, P-47M, P-47N, XP-49 (P-49), XP-50 (P-50), P-51A, P-51C (P-51B), P-51D (P-51K), TP-51D, P-51H, XP-54 (P-54), XP-55 (P-55), XP-56 (P-56), XP-58 (P-58), P-59B, XP-60 (P-60), XP-60A (P-60A), XP-60C (P-60C), XP-60D (P-60D), YP-60E (P-60E), XP-61, P-61C, P-61E, XP-62 (P-62), P-63A, RP-63C, P-63F, P-64 (NA-50), P-66, P-70, XP-71 (P-71) [model only], XP-72 (P-72), XP-75 (P-75), XP-77 (P-77), XP-79B (P-79B), P-80A, P-80B, F-80C, P-80R, P-82B, F-82E, XP-83 (P-83), F-84B, F-84E, F-84F, RF-84F, XP-84H, XF-85 (F-85), F-86A, F-86D, F-86E, F-86F, F-86H, F-86L, JF-89A, F-89D, F-89H, F-89J, XF-90 (F-90), XF-91 (F-91), F-94A, F-94B, F-94C, F-100A, F-100C, F-100D, F-100F, RF-101A, F-101B, RF-101C, RF-101H, XF-102, F-102A, TF-102A, XF-103 (F-103) [drawing only], F-104A, JF-104B, F-104C, F-104D, F-104J, F-105B, F-105D, F-105F, F-106A, F-106B, F-4C, RF-4C, F-4D, F-4E, N-156F, F-5B, CF-5A, F-5E, F-111A, FB-111A, F-111D, F-111F, YF-12A, SR-71A, F-15A, F-16A, F-16C, F-117A, F-20, F-22, YFM-1 (FM-1 Airacuda); Liason aircraft: L-1, L-2A, L-3B, lL-3C, L-4H, L-5E, VL-15, L-16A, L-17A, L-17B, L-19A, XL-19B, L-20A, L-23B, L-23D, L-23F, L-26C, L-27A, L-27B, L-28A; Observation aircraft: R-2, R-4, DB-4M, O-1, O-1B, O-1C, O-1E, O-1G, O-1H, O-2B, O-2H, O-5, O-7, O-8, XO-10 (O-10), O-11, Curtiss Falcon, XO-13 (O-13), XO-13A (O-13A), XO-14 (O-14), XO-16 (O-16), O-17, XO-18 (O-18), O-19B, O-19C, O-19E, O-22, O-25A, O-25C, O-25C, O-26, YO-27 (O-27), O-28, XO-31 (O-31), YO-31, YO-31A, O-31B, O-32A, Y1O-33 (O-33), XO-35 (O-35), O-38, O-38B, O-38D, O-38E, O-38F, O-39, YO-40 (O-40), Y1O-40B, XO-41(O-41), Y1O-43, O-43A, XO-46, O-46A, XO-47, O-47A, YO-50 (O-50), YO-51 (O-51), YO-54 (O-54), O-52, O-2A, OA-2, OA-4, OA-5, OA-9, OA-14, OV-1D, OV-10A, SA-16B (HU-16B, JR2F); Primary trainers: JN-4A, JN-4D, JN-4H, JN-S, PT-1, PT-3A, YPT-6 (PT-6), XPT-9 (PT-9), YPT-9B, Y1PT-10C (PT-10C), YPT-12 (PT-12), PT-11D, PT-13B, PT-13D (N2S-5), YPT-14 (PT-14), YPT-16 (PT-16), PT-17, PT-19, PT-19B, PT-20, PT-20A, PT-22, PT-23, PT-26A, T-29B, T-38A; Racing aircraft: Thomas Morse R-2, Curtiss R-6, Curtiss R-8, Curtiss R3C-1; Research aircraft: X-1. X-1A, X-1E, X-2, X-3, X-4, X-5, X-13, X-14, X-15, X-18, X-19, XV-1. XV-3, XV-4A, VZ-2, VZ-3, VZ-4, XC-141A, XV-15, V-22, VZ-7 “Flying Jeep”; Trainers: T-28A, T-29B, T-29C, T-29D, T-33A, T-34, T-37B, T-38A, T-39A, T-41B, T-42A; Utility aircraft: U-1A (DHC-3), U-2, RU-21 (U-21), A-26C, A-29 (Hudson), A-30 (Baltimore), A-33, A-35 (Vengeance), A-36, A-37B, A-7B, A-7D, A-10A, DB-7B, Martin 167 (Maryland), Vultee V-11
Cockpit DetailsA-3B (p. 11)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsP-40E engine bay (p. 348)
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings Profiles

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