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Reference Details for Courage Alone: The Italian Air Force 1940-1943

Book Cover
TitleCourage Alone: The Italian Air Force 1940-1943
Types CoveredBa.65, Ba.88, Bf 109G-6, Bf 110C, BR.20, BR.20bis, BR.20M, Bu 131, Ca.111, Ca.133, Ca.309, Ca.310, Ca.311, Ca.313, Ca.314, Caproni-Vizzola F.4, Caproni-Vizzola F.5, CR.25, CR.32, CR.42, D.520, Do 217J-1, G.50 prototype, G.50, G.55, Ju 87B-2, Ju 87D, MC.200, MC.202, MC.205, Nardi FN.305, P.108B, P.32, Re.2000, Re.2001, Re.2002, Re.2005, Ro.37, Ro.37bis, Ro.41, Ro.43, Ro.44, Ro.57, Ro.63, RS.14, SM.74, SM.75, SM.79, SM.81 (SIAI S.81), SM.82, SM.84 (SIAI S.84), SM.85, SM.86, SM.89, SM.95, Z.501, Z.506B, Z.515, Z.1007, Z.1018
Cockpit DetailsRo.43 rear gunner's position (p. 268), SM.82 cargo compartment (p. 269), Z.1007 radio operator's position (p. 268)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsCa.314C cannon gondolas (p. 166); G.50 engine bay (p. 259); G.55 engine bay (p. 263); Ro.37bis rear gun (p. 269); Z.506B central engine bay (p. 269); Z.1007 bomb bay (p. 229)
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesBa.65 (p. 246), Ba.88 (p. 246), Bf 109G-6 (p. 247), Bf 110C (p. 247), BR.20 (p. 252), BR.20M (p. 252), Bu 131 (p. 249), Ca. 133 (p. 255), Ca.309 (p. 249), Ca.310 (p. 249), Ca.311 (p. 249), Ca.313 (p. 249), Ca.314 (p. 249), Caproni-Vizzola F.4 (p. 246), Caproni-Vizzola F.5 (p. 246), CR.25bis (p. 252), CR.32 (p. 241), CR.42 (p. 241), D.520 (p. 246), Do 217J-1 (p. 254), G.50 (p. 242), G.55 (p. 242), Ju 87B-2 (p. 247), Ju 87D-3 (p. 247), MC.200 (p. 243), MC.202 (p. 244), MC.205 (p. 244), Nardi FN.305 (p. 249), P.108B (p. 253), Re. 2000 (p. 245), Re. 2001 (p. 245), Re. 2002 (p. 245), Re. 2005 (p. 245), Ro.37 (p. 248), Ro.37bis (p. 248), Ro.41 (p. 248), Ro.44 (p. 248), Ro.57 (p. 246), RS.14 (p. 251), SIAI S.81 [SM.81] (p. 255), SIAI S.84 [SM.84] (p. 251), SM.74 (p. 255), SM.79 (p. 250), SM.82 (p. 255), Z.501 (p. 254), Z.506B (p. 254), Z.1007bis (p. 253), Z.1018 (p. 254)

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