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Reference Details for Wings over Spain: History and Images of the Civil War 1936-39

Book Cover
TitleWings over Spain: History and Images of the Civil War 1936-39
AuthorsEmiliani, Ghergo
PublisherGiorgio Apostolo Editore
Types CoveredSM.79, Hispano-Nieuport 52 (Nieuport 52), Breguet XIX, Vildebeest, Hispano E-30, Savoia S.62, SM.81, Potez 542 (Po.542), Macchi M.18, Spenla D glider, CR.32, Ju 52/3m, SM.55, Macchi M.41, Dewoitine D.371, He 51, Potez 540 (Po.540), PWS-10, I-15, I-16, He 70, SB-2, Dornier Wal, Ju 86, Ro.37, He 112, Bf 109B, Do 17F, Polikarpov R-5, He 111B, Hs 123, Ba.65, Ba.28, Bu 131, Bu 133, Junkers W 34 (Ju 34), Polikarpov R-Z, Bf 108, Ro.41, Dewoitine D.53, Fiat G.50, DH60, He 45, Gourdou-Leseurre GL.32, He 60, He 59, Cant Z.501, Letov S.231, Ju 87A, He 46, DC-2, Lockheed Model 10 Electra, Northrop Delta 1D, Consolidated 20A Fleetster, Miles M2 Falcon, BR.20, Grumman 23 (FF), DH89, Bf 109E, Miles M3 Falcon Six, Hawker Fury, Ar 95, Caproni AP.1, Ca.310, Miles M2 Falcon, RWD-13Hs 126, Fw 156
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsBf 109B engine bay (p. 49); Breguet XIX rear gun (p. 27); CR.32 (p. 150); He 45 rear gun (p. 80); He 111E nose (p. 121, 136); I-15 cowl (p. 178, 181), gun bay (p. 108), propeller (p. 178, 181); Polikarpov R-Z canopy (p. 132); SM.79 rear gun (p. 99)
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesBf 109E (p. 152), CR.32 (p. 78, 79), Do 17F (p. 74), Hispano-Nieuport 52 [Nieuport 52] (p. 67), I-15 (p. 75), I-16 (p. 153), Polikarpov R-Z (p. 71), Potez 540 [Po.540] (p. 66), SB-2 (p. 148), SM.79 (p. 149), SM.81 (p. 70)
NotesCover images show Italian edition

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