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Reference Details for Avro: The History of an Aircraft Company

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TitleAvro: The History of an Aircraft Company
Types CoveredRoe 1 triplane, Avro Type D (Avro D), Avro Type E (Avro E), Avro Type F (Avro F), Avro 500, Avro 504, Avro Pike, Avro Spider, Avro 536, Avro 547, Avro 548, Avro Baby, Avro 552A, Aldershot, Ava, Avro 558, Avro Avenger, Avro Avian II, Avian III, Avian, Avro Buffalo II, Avro 627 Mailplane, Avro 548, Avro Ten, Avro 626, Avro Tutor II, Avro 624 airliner, Avro 642 airliner, Avro Five, Avro 671 autogyro, Avro 639 Cabin Cadet, Avro Commodore, Avro Prefect, Anson, Avro 636, Avro 637, Cierva C.30A autogyro, Audax, Blenheim, Manchester, Lancaster, York, Lincoln, Lancastrian, Tudor, Athena, Shackleton, Ashton, Avro 707B, Vulcan, Avro 720, Avro-Canada Avrocar "flying saucer", Avro 748 airliner
Cockpit DetailsAvro 636 (p. 66), Avro 642 airliner (p. 52), Anson (p. 69, 82), Avro Commodore (p. 60), Lancastrian (p. 98), Tudor 5 (p. 121)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsAvro 552A cowl and landing gear (p. 38); Avro 624 airliner fuselage structure (p. 51); Avro 626 fuselage structure & gun installation (p. 64); Avro 627 Mailplane wing structure (p. 49); Avro 639 Cabin Cadet cowl, windshield & landing gear (p. 59); Avro Baby fuselage structure (p. 32); Anson fuselage structure (p. 63, 66), undersurfaces (p. 69, 131), ventral gun installation (p. 70); Ava ventral gun position (p. 39); Manchester prototype engine bay (p. 78); Tutor II fuselage structure (p. 51)
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings Profiles
NotesIncludes complete list of Avro type numbers

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