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Reference Details for Color Schemes and Markings: U.S. Navy Aircraft, 1911-1950

Book Cover
TitleColor Schemes and Markings: U.S. Navy Aircraft, 1911-1950
Publisherprivately published
Types CoveredBoeing B-314 Clipper; Caproni Ca.45; Consolidated NY-2; Curtiss Triad (A-1), R-6, H-16, N-9, HD-1, TS-1; Curtiss-Cox Racer; de Havilland DH-4; Douglas O-38C; Hanriot HD-1; Loening OL-8A, RL-8A; Martin M20-1; Naval Aircraft Factory F5L, PN-7; Nieuport 28; Royal Aircraft Factory SE-5A; Sikorsky RS-3; Sturtivant Seaplane (AH-24); Vought UO-1, SU-3, VE-7; AF-2, BFC, BF2C, BG, F4B, F6C, XF6C-6 monoplane racer prototype, F8C, F9C, XF16C (F16C), FD, F3F, F2F, F4F, F6F, F8F, F9F, F2H, FJ, FM-1, FR, F4U (F3A, FG), HO3S helicopter, JD (A-26), JF, J2F, J4F, JM (B-26), O2C, OD, OJ, O2U, O3U, N2S, P2D, PM, PV, P2Y, PBM, PBO (Hudson), PBY, PB2Y, PB4Y, PH, RD, XRO-1 (RO-1) Altair, XR2O-1 (R2O-1), R50, SBC, SB2C, SBD, SB2U, SC, SNJ, SF (FF-1), SU, SOC, SO3C, T3M, T4M, TBD, TBF (TBM), TD2C, TG-2
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesF11C-2 (p. 65), F6F-3 (p. 69, 84), F9F-2 (p. 67), FJ-1 (p. 78), FR-1 (p. 91), F4U-1D (p. 71, 99), F4U-5 (p. 66), OJ-2 (p. 58), O3U-1 (p. 57), P2D-1 (p. 60), PV-1 (p. 99), P2V-5 (p. 64), P2Y-3 (p. 61, 63), PBM-1 (p. 63), PBY-1 (p. 62), PBY-2 (p. 61), PBY-3 (p. 62, 63), PBY-4 (p. 62), PM-1 (p. 60), R2D-1 [C-47] (p. 140), SBC-3 (p. 68), SB2C-4 (p. 71, 77), SOC-3 (p. 59), TBM-3 [TBF] (p. 79)
NotesThird, revised edition. Includes generic national, squadron and carrier markings

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