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Reference Details for The History of US Naval Air Power

Book Cover
TitleThe History of US Naval Air Power
AuthorsLawson, Wagner, Tillman et al.
PublisherMilitary Press
Types CoveredCurtiss AB-3 [C-3], Curtiss NC-TA, Curtiss HS-1, Vought VE-7, T3M, F4B, F4F, F2A , SBC, SB2U, FF, P2Y, OS2U, SBD, TBF (TBM), N2S, SNJ (AT-6, T-6), PV, PB4Y (B-24), F6F, PBJ (B-25), F4U, JM (B-26), SB2C, F9F, F7F, F8F, F3D, AD (A-1), F6U, FR, FJ, AM, FH, F2Y, AJ, A3D (A-3), A2F (A-6), A3J (A-5), F2H, F4D, F8U (F-8), F3H, F4H (F-4), SC, AF, P4M, P2V (P-2), WV, A4D (A-4), E-2, A-6, OV-10, F-14, F-18, S-3
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesA-1 [AD] (p. 158, 159), AJ-2 (p. 129), AM-1 (p. 123), Curtiss AB-3 [C-3] (p. 12), Curtiss F-5L (p. 33), Curtiss HS-1 (p. 14), Curtiss NC-TA (p. 13), F2A-2 (p. 31), F2H-2 (p. 132), F4B-4 (p. 28, 29), F4F-4 (p. 44, 45), F6F-3 (p. 90, 91), F8F-1 (p. 107, 120, 121), F9F-2 (p. 113), F4U-1A (p. 94, 95), F4U-5NL (p. 111), FF-1 (p. 27), FR-1 (p. 119), FJ (p. 119), FJ-3M (p. 133), JF-2 (p. 53), N2S-2 (p. 72, 73), N3N-1 (p. 71), O2U-1 (p. 25), P-2 [P2V] (p. 146, 147), P2Y-1 (p. 35), PB4Y-1 (p. 51), PBM-1 (p. 41), PV-1 (p. 79), PV-2 (p. 80, 81), SB2U-1 (p. 23), SB2U-2 (p. 42), SBC-3 (p. 21), SB2C-3 (p. 98, 99), SBD-3 (p. 43, 63), T3M-2 (p. 23), TBD-1 (p. 65), TBF [TBM] (p. 68, 69), Vought VE-7 (p. 17), WV-2 (p. 148)

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