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Reference Details for Yak-9: Sentinal of the Skies

Book Cover
TitleYak-9: Sentinal of the Skies
PublisherArchive Press
Types CoveredYak-9, Yak-9D, Yak-9DD, Yak-9M, Yak-9T, Yak-9U
Cockpit DetailsYak-9 [version?] (p. 49, 50, 72, 73), Yak-9D (p. 47), Yak-9M (p. 48), Yak-9P (p. 34)
Wheel Well DetailsYak-9 [version?] (p. 77, 78)
Other DetailsYak-9 [version?] canopy (p. 44, 74), engine (p. 68), flaps (p. 45), landing gear (p. 45, 46, 76, 77), nose (p. 68-71), radiator (p. 77-79), tail (p. 79-81); Yak-9D canopy (p. 18); Yak-9M canopy (p. 29), cowl gun bay (p. 36), engine bay (p. 27-29); Yak-9T cowl gun bay (p. 36), engine bay (p. 18); Yak-9U engine bay (p. 83); Yak-9 two-seaters (p. 30, 31)
Cutaway DrawingsYak-9 [version?] (p. 42)
Multiview DrawingsYak-9 (unbound insert), Yak-9D (unbound insert), Yak-9DD (unbound insert), Yak-9M (unbound insert), Yak-9T (unbound insert)
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesYak-9 [version?] (inside front cover, inside back cover), Yak-9D (inside front cover), Yak-9T (inside front cover),
Notes84 bound pages plus 8-page unbound multi-view drawing supplement

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