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Reference Details for On Silver Wings: RAF Biplane Fighters between the Wars

Book Cover
TitleOn Silver Wings: RAF Biplane Fighters between the Wars
AuthorsLumsden, Thetford
Types CoveredBulldog, Demon, Dragon, Fury, Gamecock, Gauntlet, Gladiator, Grebe, Siskin, Snipe, Woodcock
Cockpit DetailsBulldog (p. 118, 132), Gladiator (p. 207), Siskin IIIa (p. 73), Snipe (p. 14)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsDemon turret (p. 160); Gamecock fuselage structure (p. 95); Gauntlet fuselage structure (p. 191); Gladiator fuselage structure (p. 216); Grebe fuselage structure (p. 37); Siskin IIIa fuselage structure (p. 73); Snipe fuselage structure (p. 21, 22)
Cutaway DrawingsFury I (p. 160, 161), Gamecock (p. 95), Gauntlet (p. 191), Gladiator (p. 216)
Multiview DrawingsBulldog II (p. 123), Demon (p. 165), Fury II (p. 146), Gamecock I (p. 98), Gamecock II (p. 105), Gladiator (p. 208, 209), Grebe II (p. 47), Siskin IIIa (p. 57), Snipe (p. 18, 29), Woodcock II (p. 85)
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings PatternsSnipe (p. 18)
Specific Markings ProfilesBulldog (p. 160f, 160k, 160l), Demon (p. 160h, 160m), Fury (p. 160g, 160l, 160m), Gamecock (p. 98, 160e), Gauntlet (p. 160i, 160n, 160o), Gladiator (p. 160j, 160o, 160p, 208, 209), Grebe (p. 160b, 160l), Siskin III (p. 160c, 160k, 160l), Snipe (p. 160a, 160k, 160l), Woodcock (p. 160d)

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