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Reference Details for Spitfire: The History

Book Cover
TitleSpitfire: The History
AuthorsMorgan, Shacklady
PublisherKey Publishing
Types CoveredSupermarine Spitfire
Cockpit DetailsSpitfire I (p. 47, 52, 66), Spitfire II (p. 98); Spitfire V (p. 154), Spitfire PR.IV (p. 242, 244), Spitfire VI (p. 260, 261, 267), Spitfire IX (p. 311, 312), Spitfire XIV (p. 424), Spitfire PR.XIX (p. 456, 460), Spitfire 21 (p. 467), Spiteful (p. 503), Seafire XVII (p. 564), Seafire 45 (p. 574), Seafire 47 (p. 581-583)
Wheel Well DetailsSeafire XV (p. 554) [same as other contemporary Spitfires]
Other DetailsSpitfire PR.IV camera installations (p. 237, 238); Spitfire PR.XIX camera installation (p. 460); Seafire I hook (p. 518); Seafire III wingfold [wing fold] (p. 535); Seafire XV arresting hooks [tail hooks] (p. 552); Seafire 47 arresting hook [tail hook] (p. 582)
Cutaway DrawingsSpitfire II (p. 98), Spitfire VI (p. 268), Spitfire T.VIII (p. 304), Spitfire XIV (p. 419), Spitfire PR.XIX (p. 456)
Multiview DrawingsSpitfire
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesSpitfire I, Spitfire II, Spitfire III, Spitfire V, Spitfire VI, Spitfire VII, Spitfire IX, Spitfire VIII, Spitfire PR.XI, Spitfire XIV, Spitfire XVI, Spitfire PR.XIX, Spitfire 21, Spitfire 22, Spitfire 24; Seafire I, Seafire III, Seafire XV, Seafire 46, Seafire 47 (all on color plates between p. 314 and p. 315)
NotesLists all serial numbers

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