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Reference Details for Eyes of the RAF: A History of Photo-Reconnaissance

Book Cover
TitleEyes of the RAF: A History of Photo-Reconnaissance
PublisherSutton Publishing
Types CoveredMaurice Farman 11 [Shorthorn], Henri Farman HF20, Short 184 floatplane, BE2c, Henri Farman HF27, RE5, Vickers Fighting Biplane [FB5], Sopwith Baby floatplane, Caudron GIII, Moraine Saulnier BB, Franco-British Aviation flying boat, FE2a, RE7, Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter, Caudron R4, Curtiss H12 flying boat, Martinsyde Elephant, FE2d, Sopwith Pup, RE8, BE12a, DH4, Curtiss JN-3 Jenny, Armstrong Whitwort FK8, Felixstowe F5, Southampton, Fairey III, Atlas, Audax, Vildebeest, Vincent, Gordon, Hart, Hind, Wapiti, Scapa, London, Wellesley, Lysander, Sunderland, Stranraer, Blenheim IV, Lockheed 12A, Anson, Hudson, Spitfire PR.I, Battle, Spitfire PR.IV, Catalina I (PBY-5), Maryland, Baltimore, Liberator I, F-5 (P-38J/L), Liberator GR.VI, Mosquito PR.XVI, Typhoon IB, Mustang I (P-51), Mitchell (B-25), Wellington, Stirling, Halifax, Manchester, Lancaster, Mosquito B.IV, Buffalo I (F2A), Hurricane PR.IIC, Spitfire PR.XI, Liberator III, Ki 46-III, Spitfire PR.XIX, Meteor FR.9, Meteor PR.10, RB-45C (B-45), Canberra PR.3, Canberra PR.9, Swift FR.5, Hunter FR.10, U-2A, Valiant PR.1, Victor B(PR).1, Neptune I, Shackleton, Lincoln, Sycamore helicopter, Whirlwind helicopter, Nimrod, Dragonfly helicopter, Scottish Aviation Pioneer, Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer, Belvedere helicopter, Wessex helicopter, Buccaneer, Vulcan, Hercules, Phantom FRG (F-4), Phantom FGR (F-4), Sepcat Jaguar, Harrier, Puma helicopter, Sea King helicopter, Tornado, Eurofighter
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsLysander camera installation (p. 71); Spitfire XIX[?] with two forward-looking cameras in 90-gallon slipper tank (p. 103)
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