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Reference Details for Aircraft of the RAAF 1921-71

Book Cover
TitleAircraft of the RAAF 1921-71
AuthorsPentland, Malone
PublisherKookaburra Technical Publications
Types CoveredAlouette III helicopter, Anson, Auster, Avro 540K, Avro Cadet, BAC111, Battle, BE2A, Beaufighter 21, Beaufort, Beech F17D Staggerwing, Bell Iroquois (UH-1) helicopter, Bell Souix helicopter, Boomerang, Boston (A-20), Bristol Boxkite, Bristol Freighter, Bristol Sycamore helicopter, Buffalo (F2A), Bulldog, C-130A, CA-15, CA-25 Winjeel, Canberra, Caribou (AC-1, CV-2, C-7), Catalina (PBY), Cessna 180, Cirrus Moth, Convair Metropolitan, Curtiss Shrike (SB2C, A-25), Dassault Falcon, DC-2, DC-3 (Dakota), de Havilland EG-1 glider, Demon, DH50A, DH83 Fox Moth, DH84 Dragon, DH86, DH89 Rapide, DH9, DH90 Dragonfly, DH9A, DHC Beaver, DHC Otter, Do 24K, Douglad Dolphin, F-111, Fairchild 24G, Fairey IIID, Ford Tri-motor, Gypsy Moth, Hawker P1081Vickers Valetta, Hawker Siddeley HS748, HS748 Andover T2, Hudson, Hunting Jet Provost, Hurricane Ic, Junker W 34d (Ju 34D), Junkers G 31, Kingfisher (OS2U), Kittyhawk IV (P-40N), Liberator, Lightning (F-4, P-38), Lincoln, Lockheed Lodestar, Macchi MB.326H, Mariner (PBM), Meteor VIII, Miles M4 Merlin,, Miles Magister, Mirage III, Mitchell, Mosquito FB.40, Mosquito PR.XVI, Moth Minor, Mustang IV (P-51D), Neptune (P2V-7), Noordyun Norseman (UC-64), North American NA16, North American NA33 (Wirraway prototype), Northrop Delta, Orion (P3V, P-3), Oxford II, Percival Prince, Percival Proctor, Phantom (F-4E), Pika, Pilatus Turbo-Porter, Republic Lancer (P-43), Ryan STM, Sabre (F-86F), SE5A, SE5A two-seater, Sea Hornet, Seagull III, Seagull V, Short Empire flying boat, Sikorsky S51 helicopter, Sopwith Pup, Southampton, Spitfire Vc, Spitfire VIII, Stinson Reliant, Sunderland, Tiger Moth, Tugan Gannet, Vampire I, Vampire T.35, Vega Gull, Vengeance (A-31, A-35), Ventura (PV, B-34), Vickers Viking, Viscount, Vultee Vigilant, Wackett trainer, Wackett Warigal, Wackett Widgeon, Wackett Woomera, Waco YQC-6, Wapiti, Washington (B-29), Wirraway, York
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesAnson (p. 71), Battle (p. 38), Beaufighter 21 (p. 54) Beaufort (p. 38), Boomerang (p. 54), Boston [A-20] (p. 35), Bulldog (p. 17), CA-15 (p. 72), Canberra (p. 91), Catalina IV [PBY-5] (p. 54), Cessna 180 (p. 73), DC-2 (p. 37), DC-3 (p. 72), Demon (p. 18), DH9A (p. 17), DH84 Dragon (p. 53), Do 24K (p. 37), Gypsy Moth (p. 17), Hudson (p. 38), Kittyhawk IV [P-40N] (p. 53), Liberator [B-24J?] (p. 71), Machhi MB.326H (p. 91), Meteor VIII (p. 73), Mirage III (p. 91), Mitchell [B-25J?] (p. 71), Mosquito PR.XVI (p. 71), Mustang IV [P-51K] (p. 72), Oxford II (p. 38), Phantom [F-4E] (p. 91), Sabre [F-86F] (p. 73), SE5A (p. 17), Seagull V (p. 72), Spitfire VIII (p. 54), Stinson Reliant (p. 37), Tiger Moth (p. 18), Vengeance (p. 53), Wackett (p. 18), Wapiti (p. 18), Winjeel [CA-25] (p. 73), Wirraway (p. 53)
NotesCover shows revised edition.

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