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Reference Details for Battle over the Reich

TitleBattle over the Reich
Types CoveredWhitley, Hampden, Bf 109, Bf 110, Halifax, Lancaster, Fw 190, B-17, P-47, P-38, B-24, Me 410, P-51, Me 163, Ju 88, He 219, Mosquito, Ba 349 (Bachem Natter), He 162, Do 335
Cockpit DetailsMe 163 armor glass (p. 147)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsBf 110G-4 "schräge Muzik" installation (p. 80); Ju 88G standard SN-2 and Naxos antennas (p. 153), "Morgenstern" antenna (p. 165); Lancaster "Upkeep" [dambuster] installation (p. 51); Me 262A 55mm R4M underwing rockets (p. 180), 210 mm rocket launchers (p.178)
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