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Reference Details for The Radar War

Book Cover
TitleThe Radar War
PublisherPatrick Stephens Ltd.
Types CoveredBf 110G, Fw 200, He 219, Ju 88G-6, Me 262B
Cockpit DetailsBf 110G-4 FuG 220b "Lichtenstein" SN2 radar display unit (p. 160b), Fw 200 FuG 224 "Berlin A" radar display unit (p. 160d)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsBf 110G-4 FuG 220b "Lichtenstein" SN2b nose radar antenna array (p. 160a); He 219 radio and radar systems (p. 152); Ju 88G-6 "Morgenstern" nose radar antenna array (p. 160b, 160c); Me 262B-1a/U1 FuG 218 V2 "Neptun V2" nose radar antenna array (p. 160e)
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