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Reference Details for The Golden Age of Air Racing: Pre-1940 (Vol. 1)

Book Cover
TitleThe Golden Age of Air Racing: Pre-1940 (Vol. 1)
AuthorsSchmid, Weaver
PublisherEAA Aviation Foundation
Types CoveredBonzo, Pesco Special, Marcoux-Bromberg Special (Keith Rider R-3), Heath Feather, DJ-1, Mummert Sportplane, Dormoy Bathtub, Macready Baby Bomber, Curtiss CR-3, NW-1, Curtiss Oriole C-6, Heath Super Parasol, Heath Baby Bullet, R3C-1, Travel Air Mystery Ship racers, Davis Racing Special, Cessna MW-1, Cessna GC-1, Cessna GC-2, Cessna CR-1, Cessna CR-2, Laird Solution, XF6C-6 (F6C), Gee Bee Sportsters (Gee Bee Z, Gee Bee X, Gee Bee R, Gee Bee YL, Gee Bee Q.E.D.), Chief Oshkosh, San Francisco II, Heath Cannon Ball, Monospecial, Mono-Midget, Supermarine S6B, MC.72, Time Flies, Laird Super Solution, Monocoupe 501W, Hall Springfield Bulldog (Hall Bulldog), Hall Cicada, Heath Hummingbird, Howard Pete, Howard Mike, Howard Ike, Butz F-1, Mummert Mercury S-1 (Mummert S-1), Laird Special, Folkerts SK-1, Cessna CR-3A, Cessna CR-3, Wendell-Williams Special, Gee Bee Y, Jamieson Special, Commandaire Little Rocket, Reece Rocket, Rowinski TM-1, Mummert Cootie, Robbins Racer, Rasmussen Skippy, Keith Rider R-1, Folkerts SK-2
Cockpit DetailsHeath Cannon Ball instrument panel & fuselage structure (p. 290A); Laird Solution (p. 112); Laird Super Solution (p. 168)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsHeath Cannon Ball engine (p. 290A); Laird Super Solution engine bay (p. 172); Rasmussen Skippy engine (p. 297A, 298A)
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview DrawingsCessna CR-3 (p. 254), Gee Bee R-1 (p. 221), Gee Bee R-2 (p. 237), Gee Bee Z (p. 151), Heath Baby Bullet (p. 93), Howard Ike (p. 212), Howard Pete (p. 207), Laird Solution (p. 115), Laird Super Solution (p. 166), Monocoupe 110 Special (p. 180), Travel Air Mystery S [Travel Air Model R] (p. 72)
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings Profiles

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