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Reference Details for The Golden Age of Air Racing: Pre-1940 (Vol. 2)

Book Cover
TitleThe Golden Age of Air Racing: Pre-1940 (Vol. 2)
AuthorsSchmid, Weaver
PublisherEAA Aviation Foundation
Types CoveredPesco Special, Bonzo, Wendell-Williams "44" (Wendell-Williams Racer), Hansen Baby Bullet, Alden Brown Racer, M & A Special (Miles and Atwood Special, Miles-Atwood Special), Miss Los Angeles (Brown B-2), de Havilland Comet, Howard Mike, Howard Pete, Laird Speedwing, Northrop Gamma, Rasmussen Skippy, Howard DGA-6 Mr. Mulligan, Vance Flying Wing, Gee Bee Q.E.D., Israel Redhead, SEV-3, Chester Special (Jeep), Hughes H-1, Neumann Toots, Allenbaugh Special, Bellanca Flash, Bücker Jungmeister (Bü 133) [p. 363, 425, 458], Caudron C-460 Special (C.460), Keith Rider R-1 (Keith Rider Suzy), Loose Racer, Pheasant H-10, Chief Oshkosh, Pobjoy Special, Keith Rider R-2, Keith Rider R-3 (Marcoux-Bromberg Special), Schoenfeldt Firecracker, Keith Rider R-5, Keith Rider R-6, Beech Staggerwing (GB, JB, UC-43, C-43), Folkerts SK-1 (Folkerts Mono-Special), Folkerts SK-2 Toots, Folkerts SK-3, Delgado Flash, Delgado Maid, Sundorph Special, Butz Special, San Diego Flaggship F-15, Turner-Laird Special (Laird-Turner Special, Turner Special, Meteor), Elmendorf Special, SEV-S2 (P-35), Ryan STA, Boeing 100, The Foo, Linberg Special, Wendell-Williams Racer, Ring Free Meteor, Crosby CR-4 Racer, Pearson-Williams PW-1 (Mr. Smoothie), Seversky SV-1, Lockheed Orion, Hosler G & G Special, Hosler Fury, Ring Free Special, Chester Goon (The Goon), Bellanca Tri-Motor, Curtiss P-6, Heath Center Wing 115 Special, Gee Bee R-1, Gulfhawk II (F3F, Grumman G-22), Me 209V-1
Cockpit DetailsBonzo (p. 403, 404)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsBü 133 [Bücker Jungmeister] rigging (p. 425); Caudron C.460 Special [C-460] engine bay (p. 369); Menasco Model C4S and B6S engines (p. 376, 377)
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview DrawingsBonzo (p. 401), Chester Goon [The Goon] (p. 521), Chester Special [Jeep] (p. 349), Chief Oshkosh (p. 389, 397), Crosby CR-4 Racer (p. 495), Floyd-Bean Special (p. 526), Folkerts SK-3 (p. 438), Folkerts SK-4 (p. 432), Hughes H-1 (p. 352, 353), Keith Rider R-1 [Keith Rider Suzy] (p. 373), Keith Rider R-2 (p. 417), Keith Rider R-3 (p. 420), Marcoux-Bromberg Special [Keith Rider R-3] (p. 539, 540), Me 209V-1 (p. 549), Miss Los Angeles [Brown B-2] (p. 299), Miles and Atwood Special (Miles-Atwood Special, M & A Special] (p. 323), Mr. Mulligan [Howard DGA-6] (p. 339), Schoenfeldt Firecracker (p. 491), Turner-Laird Special [Laird-Turner Special, Turner Special, Meteor] (p. 476, 477), Wendell-Williams Racers (p. 280-284, 290)
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesCaudron C-460 Special [C.460] (p. 368)

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