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TitlePictorial History of Japanese Military Aviation
PublisherIan Allan
Types Covered1MF5, 1MF9, 2MR4A, 2MR8, 2MT5, A1N1, A4N1, A5M1, A5M4, A6M3, Army Type 88 light bomber, Army Type 91 fighter, Army Type 92 heavy bomber, B4Y1, B5M1, B5N1, B5N2, B6N2, B7A, Bf 109E-4, Blackburn swift, C6N1, D1A1, D1A2, D3A2, D4Y, DH60 Moth, Do N, E8N1, E13A1, E16A, F1M2, Farman 1910 biplane, Farman 1913 biplane, Fokker Super Universal, G3M1, G3M2, G4M1, Gloster Sparrowhawk, H6K1, H6K5, H8K1, Hansa-Brandenburg W 29, J1N1, J1N1-S, Junkers K 37, Kai-shiki No. 2, Kai-shiki No. 3, Kai-shiki No. 7, KDA-2, Ki-1, Ki-2, Ki-3, Ki-4, Ki-6, Ki-9, Ki-10, Ki-11, Ki-15, Ki-21, Ki-32, Ki-43, Ki-44, Ki-45, Ki-48, Ki-49, Ki-51, Ki-61, Ki-67, Ki-87, Kikka, Ko-shiki Mk.2, Koh-3 biplane (Nieuport 24C1), Ku-8-II, MXY7 Ohka, N1K1, N1K1-J prototype, NAF-1, Nieuport NG, P1Y, Potez 25 (Po.25), Seishiki No. 1, Seishiki No. 2, Short KF1K4Y1, Sopwith Pup, Supermarine Channel, Supermarine Seal, Vickers Viking
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NotesPages of photo section (p. 145-242) are unnumbered

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