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Reference Details for Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to 1945

Book Cover
TitleFleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to 1945
AuthorsSturtivant, Burrow
Types CoveredAIRSPEED Envoy, Oxford; ARMSTRONG WHITWORTH Whitley; AUSTER Auster; AVRO 652, Anson; BEECH Expediter (UC-45, C-45), Navigator (AT-7, C-45, AT-11, F-2, JRB, SNB), Traveller (Staggerwing, Traveler, UC-43, C-43, GB, JB); BLACKBURN Firebrand, Shark, Skua, Roc; BOULTON PAUL Defiant; BREWSTER Buffalo (F2A); BRISTOL Blenheim, Beaufort, Beaufighter; CURTISS Helldiver (SB2C), Seamew (SO3C), Queen Seamew (Seamew drone); DE HAVILLAND DH60 Gipsy Moth, DH80 Puss Moth, DH82 Tiger Moth, DH82 Queen Bee (radio-controlled Tiger Moth), DH83 Fox Moth, DH 85 Leopard Moth, DH86 (four-engined Dragon Rapide), DH87 Hornet Moth, DH89 Dominie (Dragon Rapide), DH95 Flamingo, Mosquito (Sea Mosquito); DOUGLAS Boston (A-20), Havoc (A-20), Dakota (C-47, DC-3), Dauntless (SBD); FAIREY Albacore, Barracuda, Battle, Firefly, Fulmar, Seafox, Seal, Swordfish; GLOSTER Gladiator; GRUMMAN Avenger (Tarpon, TBF, TBM), Goose (OA-9, OA-13, JRF), Hellcat (F6F), Tigercat (J7F), Widgeon (J4F), Wildcat (Martlet, F4F); HANDLEY PAGE Harrow; HAWKER Audax, Hart, Henley, Hurricane (Sea Hurricane), Nimrod, Osprey; LOCKHEED Hudson (Model 14 Electra, A-28, A-29, PBO); MARTIN Maryland, Baltimore; MILES Falcon Six, Magister, Martinet, Master, M18, Monitor, Queen Martinet (Martinet drone), Whitney Straight; NORTH AMERICAN Harvard (AT-6, T-6, SNJ); PERCIVAL Proctor, Q6, Vega Gull; SIKORSKY Hoverfly; STINSON Reliant (AT-19); SUPERMARINE Sea Otter, Seafire, Spitfire, Walrus; VICKERS Wellington; VOUGHT Corsair (F4U); VOUGHT-SIKORSKY Chesapeake (SB2U), Kingfisher (OS2U); VULTEE Vengeance (A-31, A-35); WESTLAND Lysander
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsSeafire Ib [Spitfire V] flap interior (p. 422)
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