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Reference Details for Golden Wings 1941-1945 (USN/USMC Aircraft of World War II)

Book Cover
TitleGolden Wings 1941-1945 (USN/USMC Aircraft of World War II)
AuthorsSullivan, Lucabaugh
Types CoveredPBJ (B-25), F6F, SB2U, PBY, J2F, RD Dolphin, OS2U, XTBU (TBU) Seawolf, F4F (FM), SOC, F2A, SNC, SBN (XSBA, SBA), TBD, N2S, JR2S, F4U, SNB, JO, SNJ, N3N, Piper HE (ambulance Cub), Timm N2T Tutor, PBO Hudson, SO3C Seagull, TBF (TBM), JRS, SBD, PBM, PV, Waco VKS, R5C (C-46), R5D (C-54, DC-4), BD (A-20), PB4Y (B-24), SB2C, R4D (C-47, DC-3), PB2Y Coronado, Hall PH, JRF (OA-9, OA-13) Goose, Piper NE (Cub), Howard NH, Piper AE (Cub), F3A (F4U), XJD (JD, A-26), SC, SB2A Buccaneer, JM (B-26), FG (F4U), PBN (tall-tail PBY), JRB, RY (transport version of PB4Y-2), Cessna JRC Bobcat (T-50, Crane), F7F, GB (Staggerwing), OY, Howard GH Nightingale, R5O, FR, XF8F (F8F)
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