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Reference Details for Italian Civil and Military Aircraft 1930-1945

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TitleItalian Civil and Military Aircraft 1930-1945
Types CoveredAMBROSINI SIA.1, SAI.2, SIA3, SAI.7, SAI.10, SAI.107, SAI.207, SS.4, AR, AL.12P; BREDA Ba.15, Ba.19, Ba.25, Ba.27, Ba.28, Ba.32, Ba.33, Ba.39, Ba.42, Ba.44, Ba.64, Ba.65, Ba.75, Ba.79, Ba.88, Ba.201; CAMPINI N.1, CH.1, Stipa, TM.2; C.A.N.S.A. (CANSA) C.4., C.5, C.6, FC.12, FC.20; CANT Z.501, Z.504, Z.505, Z.506, Z.508, Z.509, Z.511, Z.515, Z.1007, Z.1010, Z.1011, Z.1012, Z.1018; CAPRONI Ca.73, Ca.80, Ca.90, Ca.95, Ca.97, Ca.100, Ca.111, Ca.113, Ca.125, Ca.133, Ca.134, Ca.148, Ca.161, Ca.164, Ca.165, Ca.183; CAPRONI BERGAMASCHI PS.1, PL.2, AP.1, Ca.135, Borea, Ca.309, Ca.310, Ca.311, Ca.313, Ca.314, Ca.316, Ca.331, Ca.335 (S.A.B.C.A. S.47), Ca.355, Ca.380; CAPRONI VIZZOLA F.4, F.5, F.6; C.M.A.S.A. (CMASA) MF.4, MF.5, MF.6. G.8, RS.14, AS.14, ICR.42, G.50B (2-seat training version of Fiat G.50 fighter), G.50V (Fiat G.50 with German DB 601 engine); C.N.A. (CNA) Eta, Delta, CNA.25, PM.1; FIAT AN.1, APR.2, AS.2, BRG, BR.4, BR.20, C.29, CR.20, CR.30, CR.32, CR.33, CR.40, CR.41, CR.42, CR.25, G.2, G.5, G.12, G.18, G.50, G.55, G.56, TR.1; MACCHI M.39, M.52, M.67, M.41, MC.72, MC.77, MC.94, MC.99, MC.100, MC.200, MC.201, MC.202, MC.205; MAGNI Vale, J.6; MERIDIONALI Ro.1, Ro.5, Ro.30, Ro.37, Ro.41, Ro.43, Ro.44, Ro.45, Ro.51, Ro.57, Ro.58, Ro.63; NARDI FN.305, FN.310, FN.315; PIAGGIO P.7 (PC.7), P.10, P.11, P.12, P.16, P.23, P.32, P.50, P.108, P.111, P.119; REGGIANE Ca.405, P.32, Re.2000, Re.2001, Re.2002, Re.2003, Re.2005; S.A.I.M.A.N. SAIMAN.200, SAIMAN.202, SAIMAN.204, IB.2; SAVOIA-MARCHETTI SM.56, SM.55, SM.59, SM.64, SM.65, SM.66, SM.67, SM.65, SM.71, SM.72, SM.73, SM.74, SM.75, SM.79, SM.80, SM.81, SM.82, SM.83, SM.84, SM.85, SM.86, SM.87, SM.89, SM.91, SM.92, SM.93, SM.95; UMBRA T.18, MB.902; A.V.I.A. (AVIA) FL.3; NUVOLI N.3; O.S.A. OSA.135; S.C.A. (SCA) SS.2, SS.3
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview DrawingsBasic but mostly hard-to-find 3-views of virtually all 1930-1945 Italian aircraft
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings Profiles
NotesThe most complete book on this subject. Amazing photo of Caproni Stipa ["Flying Barrel"] (p. 97)

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