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Reference Details for Allied Aircraft Piston Engines of World War II

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TitleAllied Aircraft Piston Engines of World War II
PublisherSAE International
Types CoveredA-26, B-17, XB-19, B-24, B-25, B-26, B-29, B-32, XB-39 (Allison-engined B-29), Barracuda, Beaufighter, Defiant, F2A, F4F (Wildcat), F4U, F6F (Hellcat), F7F, F8F, Hereford, Hurricane, Lancaster, Macchi MC.72 seaplane racer, MB5, Mosquito, Mosquito, P-36, P-38, P-39, P-40 (Tomahawk, Kittyhawk), P-43, P-47 (Thunderbolt), XP-49, XP-58, XP-67, XP-72, P-51 (Mustang), P-61, P-66, P-75, PBM, PBY, SB2C, SBD, Seafang, Seafire, Seafox, Spiteful, Spitfire, Stirling, Sunderland, Supermarine S5 seaplane racer, Supermarine S6 seaplane racer, Swordfish, TBF (TBM), Tempest, Typhoon, Walrus, Wellington, Whirlwind, Whitley, Wyvern
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsAMERICAN aircraft: A-26 engine mount (p. 248); B-17 internal wing structure (p. 333); B-25 nacelle (p. 348); C-47 on floats (p. 216); F8F engine bay (p. 241); XP-38 engine bay (p. 291); P-38 exhaust manifold (p. 293), induction system (p. 294); P-39 cooling system (p. 303), engine bay (p. 302); P-40D/E(?) Allison engine bay (p. 289), engine mounts (p. 289); P-47D engine & engine mount (p. 244); P-51A cooling system (p. 298), exhaust (p. 17); P-51B/C/D engine bay (p. 80), engine mount (p. 79), induction system (p. 81), radiator (p. 81); P-61A induction system (p. 250); P-75 engine bay (p. 314); AMERICAN aero engines: Allison: air-cooled inverted Vee (p. 264), Liberty (p. 264), V-1710 [XA-11, XB-16, XB-42, XC-114, YC-116, F-4, F-5, F-6, XFM-1 Airacuda, XP-37, P-38, P-39, P-40, XP-46, P-51A, XP-55, P-63, P-82] (p. 269, 272-277), V-3420 [XB-19, XB-39, XB-58, P-75] (p. 307-309); Chrysler: IV-2200 [XP-47H] (p. 384, 385); Continental: IV-1430 [XP-49, XP-67] (p. 377); Lycoming: O-1230 [XP-54] (p. 380), XR-7755 (p. 382); Pratt & Whitney: H-3730 (p. 390), R-985 [AT-11, OS2U] (p. 201), R-1340 Wasp [AT-6, SNJ] (p. 196, 199), R-1535 [F2F, F3F-1] (p. 204), R-1830 Twin Wasp [XA-16, YA-19, YB-10A, AT-12, XB-14, B-24, XB-41, Beaufort, Boomerang, C-47, C-87, C-109, C-117, F-7, F4F, FM-1, P-33, P-35, P-36, XP-41, XP-42, P-43, PBY, PB2Y, PB3Y, R4D, Sunderland, Wellington] (p. 207, 214, 219, 220), R-2000 [C-54] (p. 221), R-2800 Double Wasp [XA-19, F4U, B-23, B-26, C-46, F3A, FG, P-60, F6F, F2T, P-61, P-47, F7F, A-26, F8F, PV, PBM, F-15] (p. 223, 224, 226-228, 234, 235, 238, 253), R-4360 [Vultee Model 85, F2G, XP-72] (p. 254-257); Wright: J-5 Whirlwind (p. 320), R-1454 [originally R-2] (P. 321), R-1750 (p. 324), R-1820 Cyclone [A-12, A-13, A-15, A-18, YA-19, A-24, A-27, A-29, A-33, AT-18, B-6, B-10, YB-11, B-17, B-18, XBT, C-11, Y1C-14, Y1C-22, C-24, C-27, YC-30, XC-31, C-32, C-38, C-39, C-42, C-49, C-50, C-51, C-56, C-58, C-60, C-84, C-108, C-110, F2A, F3F-2 & F3F-3, FM-2, FR, J2F, JR2F, O-40, O-47, OA-5, YP-20, XP-50, P-64, XP2Y, XSBA, SBD, SC, UC-100] (p. 325, 335), R-2160 Tornado (p. 386), R-2600 Cyclone 14 [A-20, A-25, A-30, A-31, A-35, B-22, B-22, B-25, B-33, B-37, B-37, C-46, C-55, C-67, F-3, O-53, O-56, P-70, PB2Y, PBM, SB2C, Stirling, TBF, TBM, Vultee V-72] (p. 341, 343, 347, 351), R-3350 [XB-19, XA-23, A-31, B-29, XB-30, XB-31, B-32, C-97, XA-38] (p. 356-360, 367, 368), R-4090 (p. 372); BRITISH aircraft: Hurricane oil tank (p. 76); Mosquito exhaust & cover (p. 18); Spitfire V engine bay (p. 73); Typhoon engine mount & firewall (p. 175); Whitley V engine bay (p. 91); BRITISH aero engines: Bristol: Centaurus [Brigand, Fury, Warwick] (p. 152), Hercules [Albemarle, Beaufighter, Halifax, Lancaster, Stirling, Wellington] (p. 138-145), Jupiter (p. 122), Mercury [Blenheim IV, Lysander, Miles M25, Sea Otter] (p. 124, 126, 127), Pegasus [Sunderland, Swordfish, Walrus, Wellington] (p. 131), Perseus (p. 136), Taurus [Albacore, Beaufort] (p. 150); Napier: Cub (p. 157), Dagger [Hereford] (p. 160, 161), Rapier [Seafox] (p. 158), Sabre [Firebrand, Fury, Folland F108, MB3, Nuffield Heston racer, Tempest, Typhoon, Warwick] (p. 163, 165-167); Rolls-Royce: Buzzard (p. 40), Condor (p. 37), Eagle (p. 36, 118), Exe (p. 114), Falcon (p. 37), Griffon [Firefly, MB5, Seafang, Seafire, Spiteful, Spitfire] (p. 94-96, 98, 99, 105), Hawk (p. 36), Kestrel (p. 38, 39), Merlin [Barracuda, Battle, Beaufighter, Defiant, F-82, Fulmar, Fulmar, Halifax, Hurricane, Kittyhawk II, Lancaster, LIncoln, Mosquito, P-40F/L, P-51B/C, P-51D/K, P-82, Seafire, Spitfire, Welkin, Wellington, Whitley, York] (p. 47, 49-53, 56, 57, 59-63, 65-67), Pennine (p. 115), Peregrine [Whirlwind] (p. 106, 107), R (p. 40), Vulture [Blackburn B20, Manchester] (p. 108-110); ITALIAN aero engines: Macchi MC.72 seaplane racer Fiat AS.6 engine (p. 43)
Cutaway DrawingsP-51D (p. 80, 81), P-63 (p. 304)
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