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Reference Details for Aircraft of World War One, Volume 3

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TitleAircraft of World War One, Volume 3
AuthorsGray et al.
PublisherArgus Books
Types CoveredArmstrong Whitworth FK10, Avro 504K, DH9 ,Fairey F2, Fairey Campania, Felixstowe F2A, SE4, Short N2B, Sopwith Tabloid, Vickers Vimy, Morane Saulnier Type BB, Morane Saulnier Type N, Nieuport 10, Nieuport 12, Albatros B III, Albatros C 1, Albatros C VII, Albatros C IX, Albatros C X, Albatros C XII, Albatros C XV, Halberstadt CL IV, Junkers D 1, Siemens Schukert D 1, III and IV, Zeppelin Staaken R VI, Aeppelin Type P, Zeppelin Type R, Hansa-Brandenburg C 1, Hansa-Brandenburg W 29, Curtiss JN-4D Jenny, Bessonneau Type H Canvas Hangar
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