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Reference Details for Luftwaffe Camouflage of World War 2

Book Cover
TitleLuftwaffe Camouflage of World War 2
PublisherPatrick Stephens Ltd.
Types CoveredBf 109B, Bf 109E, Bf 110C, Do 217E, Fw 190A, Fw 190D, He 111, Hs 123, Hs 129, Ju 87B, Ju 88A, Ju 88C
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patternspre-war He 111 [version?] (p. 45, 46)
Generic Markings PatternsPosition & spacing of prewar German civilian registration codes (p. 9); position & spacing of He 111 codes & markings (p. 23)
Specific Markings ProfilesLegion Condor Bf 109E-1 (p. 14), Bf 109E-4 (p. 51), Bf 109F-4/trop (p. 40), Bf 109G-6 (p. 32), Bf 110C-4/B (p. 50), Do 217E (p. 48), Fw 190D-9 (p. 37), He 111P-2 (p. 43), Hs 123 (p. 31), Hs 129B-2 (p. 35), Ju 87B-2 (p. 50), Ju 88A-4 (p. 50), Ju 88C-2 (p. 52)

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