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Reference Details for Supermarine Spitfire IX 1944-1946, Polish Wings 15

Book Cover
TitleSupermarine Spitfire IX 1944-1946, Polish Wings 15
Types CoveredSpitfire IX
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsArmourers preparing belts of 20mm ammunition (with ? ammunition boxes) p. 3; busy maintenance scene with large number of ground crew, wing-tip steadying trestle, seat and head armour plate removed, cannon dismantled p. 5; stencils on rudder p. 7, 31; rod aerial under starboard wing, p. 11, 51; pitot protection sheath p. 13; 45 gal. slipper tank under fuselage p. 14; propeller replacement using just manpower p. 15; strong FLAK damage, both sides of fuselage blown out plus cockpit hood and door blown off, hind canopy also blown, by exploding oxygen bottle, four photographs from both sides pp. 23-25; beer barrel ‘bombs’ with streamlined tips p. 26; testing guns, tail on trestle p. 28; stencil cockpit door p. 35; stencil electrical socket p. 37; 45 gal. slipper tank on ground, its top surface exposed p. 43; severe FLAK damage to port wing and elevator, several photographs p. 45; cigar-shaped under-fuselage fuel tank p. 46; fuel-cooling air intake hole in leading edge of port wing p. 59; port, front and starboard view of engine uncowled pp. 62-63
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesColour profiles, recognition codes (- indicates no code), serial number and page. In general with each colour profile the book shows at least one period photograph of the aircraft.

Rounded (early) rudder (SZ-G, NH342, (R), p. 5; WX-R, MH896, p. 8; A, MK924, p. 9; WX-F , MJ783, p. 12; WX-L, ML136, p. 17; ZF-V, MH880, p. 20; ZF-A, p. 21; ZF-P, ML116, p. 24; ZF-P, NH186, p. 25; ZF-K, MJ467, p. 28; ZF-B, MK940, p. 29; four views ZF-R, MK9984, p. 33; ZF-P, MJ281, p. 40; ZF-L, EN579, p. 41; JH-N, MJ934, p. 45; JH-D, MK899, p. 48; JH-V, PL265, p. 49; RF-H, EN182, p. 56; RF-G, MH910, p. 57; RF-A, MH674, p. 60; LW-B, MH702, p. 64; LW-D, PL353, p. 68 LZ-L, MK474, p. 69; UF-Q (silver paint finish), MJ250, p. 72; UF-G, MJ532, p. 72; -, RK889, p. 73; four views MB-D (silver paint finish, post-war serial number on wings undersurface), MK520, p. 76)
Pointed rudder (WX-D, MH712, p.13; JH-P, ML293, p. 52; JH-C (with upper-wing roundels near wing tip), MK910, p. 53)

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