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Reference Details for Supermarine Spitfire IX 1942-1943, Polish Wings 13

Book Cover
TitleSupermarine Spitfire IX 1942-1943, Polish Wings 13
Types CoveredSpitfire IX
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsPeeling wing root protection cover p. 5; 30 gal. slipper tank under fuselage pp. 36-37; severe damage to starboard wing, two views p. 30; fuel filler stencil p. 34; stencil on cockpit door p. 39, 53, 58; fuel cooler air intake in leading edge port wing p. 40; open back of fuel bowser p. 62; open cannon access panels p. 66; strong oil streaks between radiators p. 76; accumulator trolley p. 81; engine cowls and spinner off p. 90
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesColour profiles, recognition codes (- indicates no code), serial number and page. In general with each colour profile the book shows at least one period photograph of the aircraft.

-, BR601, p. 5; SZ-G, EN526, p. 12; SZ-G, MH314, p. 13; UZ-Z, BS456, p. 17; UZ-K, BS403, p. 20; UZ-T, BS459, p. 25; UZ-N, EN128, p. 29; PK-F, EN72, p. 32; PK-Z, BS-513, p. 32; PK-E, BS410, p. 37; SZ-G, BS463, p. 41; SZ-S, BR142, p. 44; SZ-Q, BR143, p. 45; SZ-A, EN527, p. 48; SZ-E, BS302, p. 49; SZ-J, EN179, p. 52; SZ-V, MA563, p. 52; RF-H, MA304, p. 57; RF-G, BS556, p. 60; RF-M, BS451, p.61; RF-C, EN173, p. 64; three views RF-J, EN172, p. 68; RF-J, EN172, p. 69; WX-K, MH353, p. 72; WX-F, MA843, p. 76, JH-L, MH847, p. 76; JH-T, MH727, p. 81; ZF-I, MH878, p. 85; ZF-P, BS513, p. 85; four views (desert camouflage) ZX-5, EN267, p. 88; (desert camouflage with colour photograph) ZX-1, EN459; (desert camouflage, three possible colour schemes) ZX-6, EN315, p. 93

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