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Reference Details for Spitfire IX & XVI of Polish Airmen

Book Cover
TitleSpitfire IX & XVI of Polish Airmen
PublisherMirage Hobby
Types CoveredSpitfire IX, Spitfire XVI
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsFuel cooler air intake in leading edge of port wing p. 12; 30 gal. slipper tank under fuselage p. 12, 13, 14; fuel filler stencil p. 18; engine cowling (converted Mk V) off port view p. 20; white paint tyre creep marks p. 24, 31; ground crewman standing on big barrel, open port engine cowling p. 49; support trestle for fuselage and wing-tip steadying trestle, open engine cowling starboard p. 51; armourer loading 20mm ammunition p. 52; maintenance, gun cover open, seat removed (good view of it standing in front), starter trolley with cover on its engine, engine cover off, radio hatch open, toolkit box on wing p. 53; 45 gal. slipper tank on ground, top exposed p. 55; strong FLAK damage, both sides of fuselage blown out plus cockpit hood and door blown off, hind canopy also blown, by exploding oxygen bottle, four photographs from both sides pp. 56-57; severe FLAK damage to port wing and elevator, several photographs p. 58; rod aerial underneath port wing p. 61, 77, 95; busy maintenance scene with large number of ground crew, wing-tip steadying trestle, seat and head armour plate removed, cannon dismantled p. 62; propeller replacement using just manpower p. 67; engine cowling off starboard view p. 70; photoreconnaissance cameras in rack, ground crewman stands on rack and leans into ‘radio’ hatch p. 72; top engine cowling off only p. 74; back of fuel bowser closed and open, bowser seen from different sides p. 79
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesColour profiles, recognition codes (- indicates no code), serial number and page.
Mk IX (UZ-Z, BS456, p. 33; UZ-K, BS403, p. 33; PK-K, EN172, p. 34; PK-Z, BS513, p. 34; SZ-S, BR143, p. 35; SZ-V, MA563, p. 35; (both sides) SZ-G, EN526, p. 36; -, EN464, p. 37; RF-G, BS556, p. 37; (desert camouflage, colour photograph on p. 48) ZX-1, EN459, p. 38; (desert camouflage) ZX-5, EN2767, p. 38; (both sides) ZF-P, ML116, p. 39; JH-N, MJ934, p. 40; PZ-F, NH186, p. 40; ZF-R, MK984, p. 41; SZ-G, NH342, p. 41; WX-L, ML136, p. 42; (silver paint finish) UF-Q, MJ250, p. 42; JH-P, ML293, p. 43; LW-D, PL353, p. 43; RF-G, MH910, back cover)
Mk XVI early canopy (ZF-M, TB890, p. 44; JH-Q, TB581, p. 44; QH-Z, TB292, p. 45; JH-Q, TB581, p. 45)
MK XVI bubble canopy ((both sides) SZ-K, TD238, p. 46; QH-M, TE206 (serial number on fuselage and underwing), p. 47; (silver paint finish) FDA-A, TE203 (serial number on fuselage and underwing), p.47)

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