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Reference Details for Typhoon and Tempest at War

Book Cover
TitleTyphoon and Tempest at War
AuthorsReed, Beamont
Types CoveredTyphoon, Tempest, Sea Fury
Cockpit DetailsTyphoon (p. 39), Tempest (p. 112)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsSea Fury wingfold [wing fold] structure (p. 173); Tempest wing tank (p. 113, 119), engine (p. 120), landing gear (p. 121, 157), flap detail (p. 141), rocket projectiles (p. 156, 157); Typhoon engine (p. 15), cannon bay (p. 23), nightfighter (p. 30), bubble canopy (p. 35), flap detail (p. 42, 69), engine bay (p. 45), radiator intake (p. 57, 101), landing gear (p. 69, 70), wing rack (p. 97), wing tank (p. 113)
Cutaway DrawingsTyphoon (p. 110), Tempest (p. 108, 111)
Multiview DrawingsTyphoon (p. 24, 25)
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings Profiles
NotesExcellent drawings and detail photos. The best book in this series

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