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Reference Details for Wings of Stars: US Army Air Corps 1919 - 1941

Book Cover
TitleWings of Stars: US Army Air Corps 1919 - 1941
AuthorsFreeman , Starmer
PublisherThe Aviation Workshop Publications
Types CoveredNieuport 28, Fokker DVII, SPAD XIII, SE5, DH-4, JN-4, Roland D-VI, MB-3, PW-8, PW-9, Curtiss Falcon, Curtiss Hawk, Douglas O-2, PT-3, P-6E, P-12, O-19, O-25, O-38, P-26, A-8, A-12, PB-2A, PT-13, BT-9, BC-1, BT-14, AT-6, P-35, A-17, P-36, O-47, O-49, O-59, J-3, P-38, P-39, P-40, XP-51
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