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Reference Details for French Aircraft of the First World War

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TitleFrench Aircraft of the First World War
AuthorsDavilla, Soltan
PublisherFlying Machines Press
Types CoveredVoison 4, Voison 8, Voison 10, Morane-Saulnier H, Morane-Saulnier L, Morane-Saulnier N, Morane-Saulnier A1, Henri Farman HF 20, Maurice Farman MF 11, Caudron G.3, Caudron G.4, Nieuport 11, Nieuport 16, Nieuport 12, Nieuport 17, Nieuport 24, Nieuport 28, Hanriot HD.1, Hanriot HD.3, A.R.1, A.R. 2, Sopwith 1, SPAD SA.2, SPAD 7, SPAD 11, SPAD 13, SPAD 12, SAlmson 2, Breguet 14, Blériot 11 Floatplane, Blériot, Hanriot HD.2, F.B.A. Type C, Nieuport 6H, SPAD 14, F.B.A. Type H, Astoux-Vedrines, Astra Bomber, Astra-Paulhan Flying Boat, Audenis E.P.2, B.A.J C2, Bernard A.B.1 Bernard S.A.B. C1 fighter, Borel Floatplane, Borel-Boccaccio Type 3000, Courtois-Suffit Lescop, Coutant, De Bruyère Canard, De Marcay, Deperdussin, Descamps 27, Donnet-Lévêque Flying Boat, Dorand, Dufaux C1, D.N.F. Bomber, Galvin Floatplane Fighter, Gourdou-Lesseurre, Labourdette-Halbronn, Larnaudi, Latham High Seas Flying Boat, Letord, Levasseur, Levey-Besson, Georges Levey, Lioré-et-Olivier, Noel, Papin-Rouilly, Ponnier, Renault, Paul Schmitt, S.I.A. BN2, Tellier, Vendôme Ab2, Weymann W.1, Wibault Wib.1
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