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TitleDirectory of the X - Planes
Types CoveredBell X-1, X-2, X-5, X-9, X-14, X-16, X-22, Douglas X-3, Northrop X-4, X-21, Convair X-6, X-11, X-12, Lockheed X-7, X-17, X-27, Aerojet X-8, North American X-10, X-15, Ryan X-13, Hiller X-18, Curtiss-Wright X-19, Boeing X-20, X-32, X-36, X-40A, X-41, X-45A, X-46, Martin-Marietta X-23, X-24, Benson X-25, Schweizer X-26, Osprey Aircraft X-2, Grumman X-29, Rockwell X-30, X-31, Lockheed-Martin X-33, X-35, X-44, Orbital Sciences X-34, Scaled Composites C-38, DARPA X-39, Micro Craft X-43A, Northrop-Grumman X-47, X-48
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