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Reference Details for Japanese Army and Navy Experimental Aircraft

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TitleJapanese Army and Navy Experimental Aircraft
Types CoveredIJAAF: Ki-5, Ki-28, Ki-45, Ki-60, Ki-64, Ki-70, Ki-78 (Ken-3), Ki-83, Ki-87, Ki-88, Ki-98; IJNAF: A7M2, E15K1, J4M1, J5N1, J6K1, R2Y1, S1A1
Cockpit DetailsJ6K1 instrument panel (p. 139)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsIJAAF: Ki-60 engine bay (p. 33); Ki-78 [Ken-3] landing gear (p. 63); Ki-83 landing gear (p. 73); Ki-87 engine bay (p. 83); IJNAF: J5N1 landing gear (p. 129), J6K1 engine bay (p. 138)
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview DrawingsIJAAF: Ki-5 (p. 9-13), Ki-28 (p. 1-20), Ki-45 (p. 25-30), Ki-60 (p. 3538), Ki-64 (p. 43-48), Ki-70 (p. 53-60), Ki-78 [Ken-3] (p. 65-68), Ki-83 (p. 73-81), Ki-87 (p. 85-93), Ki-88 (p. 97-103), Ki-98 (p. 107-113); IJNAF: A7M2 (p. 151-156), E15K1 (p. 173-180), J4M1 (p. 117-124), J5N1 (p. 129-136), J6K1 (p. 141-146), R2Y1 (p. 161-168), S1A1 (p. 185-192)
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings Profiles
Notes1/48 scale drawings
Design with Precision #4

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