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Reference Details for P-51 Mustang; Development of the Long-Range Escort Fighter

Book Cover
TitleP-51 Mustang; Development of the Long-Range Escort Fighter
PublisherClassic Publications
Types CoveredXA-32 (A-32), B-18, F-6C, Fw 190A-6, O-47, O-52, XP-37 (P-37), XP-38, P-38H, P-38J, XP-40, XP-46 (P-46), P-47D, XP-49 (P-49), XP-51 (NA-37), P-51, Mustang I, Mustang IA, P-51A, XP-51B, P-51B (Mustang III) , P-51D, XP-51F, XP-54 (P-54), XP-55 (P-55), XP-58 (P-58), XP-60 (P-60), P-61, XP-67 (P-67), XP-75 (P-75), XP-82 (F-82), Stinson Reliant
Cockpit DetailsNA-37 [XP-51] mockup (p. 39), Mustang I (p. 86)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsP-51A on skis (p. 118); P-51B experimental fuselage fuel tank installation (p. 155), initial ventral contours (p. 64); Spitfrie IX with underwing drop tanks (p. 174); 108-gallon paper drop tank (p. 167, 168); comparision of 75-gallon, 108-gallon, and four types of 150-gallon drop tanks (p. 169)
Cutaway DrawingsXP-51 [NA-37] (p. 40)
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesF-6C (p. 118), XP-51 (p. 114), P-51 (p. 113), P-51A (p. 115, 118), XP-51B (p. 114), P-51B (p. 113, 119-123, 126, 127), P-51C (p. 119), Mustang IA (p. 115), Mustang III (p. 120)

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