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British Phantoms: The Phantom FG Mk.1 and FGR Mk.2 in Royal Navy and RAF Service 1966 - 1978
Author(s): Martin
Publisher: Double Ugly (2012)
British Phantoms: The Phantom FG Mk.1, FGR Mk.2 and F-4J(UK) in Royal Air Force Service 1979 - 1992
Author(s): Martin
Publisher: Double Ugly (2013)
Canadian Silver Stars; The CL-30 "T-Bird" in Canadian and Overseas Service 1951 - 2005
Author(s): Martin, Volstad
Publisher: Double Ugly (2019)
Canadian Starfighters; The CF-104 and CF-104D in Canadian Service 1961 - 1986
Author(s): Patrick Martin
Publisher: AirDOC (2015)
Grumman XF5F-1 & XP-50 Skyrocket
Author(s): Lucabaugh, Martin
Publisher: Ginter (1995)
Ils étaient là ... L'armée de l'Air Septembre 39 - Juin 40
Author(s): Martin, Martin
Publisher: Aéro Éditions (2001)
Sepecat Jaguar Tacticaal Support & Maritime Strike Fighter
Author(s): Martin W. Bowman
Publisher: Pen & Sword (2007)
The Royal Navy Wasp; An Operational and Retirement History
Author(s): Larry Jeram-Croft, Terry Martin
Publisher: Pen & Sword (2018)
U S Navy Phantoms: Atlantic and Pacific Fleet Units 1960 - 2004
Author(s): Martin, Klein
Publisher: Double Ugly (2010)
US Navy A-4 Skyhawk Color Photo Album
Author(s): Martin
Publisher: AirDOC (2016)
USAFE Phantoms Part 1-The MDD F-4F Phantom II in German Air Force Service
Author(s): Martin, Gerard
Publisher: AirDOC (2005)