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Avia B-35 / B-135
Author(s): Bily, Bernad, Kucera
Publisher: MBI (2003)
Avia B-534
Author(s): Vrany, Velek
Publisher: MBI (1994)
Classic American Airlines
Author(s): Szurovy
Publisher: MBI (2000)
Curtiss P-40
Author(s): Ehrman
Publisher: MBI (1993)
Curtiss P-40
Author(s): Ehrman, Roman
Publisher: MBI (1998)
Focke-Wulf Fw 189
Author(s): Kucera, Bernád, Androvic
Publisher: MBI (1996)
Heinkel He 162 Spatz (Volksjäger)
Author(s): Balous, Bily
Publisher: MBI (2004)
Henschel Hs 129
Author(s): Stachura, Bernád, Haladěj
Publisher: MBI (1993)
Junkers Ju 87 A Stuka
Author(s): Bílý
Publisher: MBI (1991)
Junkers Ju 87 Stuka
Author(s): Bily, Androvic, Bernád
Publisher: MBI (1992)
Lavockin La-5
Author(s): Vestsik & Vrany
Publisher: MBI (1998)
Lavockin La-7
Author(s): Vestsik
Publisher: MBI (2000)
Messerchmitt Bf 109 G a K
Author(s): Poruba, Janda, Androvic, Kokaska
Publisher: MBI (1992)
Messerschmitt Me 262
Author(s): Balous, Rajlich
Publisher: MBI (1995)
Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe
Author(s): Balous, Rajlich, Sehnal
Publisher: MBI (1992)
Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Author(s): Balous
Publisher: MBI (1994)
Polikarpov U-2 / Po-2
Author(s): Velek
Publisher: MBI (2002)
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt
Author(s): Velek, Roman
Publisher: MBI (1997)
Spitfires and Polished Metal: Restoring the Classic Fighter
Author(s): Moss, McKee
Publisher: MBI (1999)