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Reference Material for P-51D/H/K

22 Books Found

North American P-51D Mustang
Author(s): Nohara, Shiwaku
Publisher: Dai-Nippon Kaiga Co., Ltd. (1995)
North American P-51D Mustang in USAAF-USAF Service
Author(s): Ward
Publisher: Arco (1968)
P-51 Mustang in Action
Author(s): Davis
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1981)
Airfoil #2
Author(s): Sheflin et al.
Publisher: Airfoil Publications (1984)
P-51 Mustang, Part 2: P-51D through F-82H
Author(s): Kinzey
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1997)
P-51 Mustang in Color
Author(s): Davis
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1982)
North American P-51D "Mustang"
Publisher: Maru (1978)
P-51D Mustang
Author(s): Karnas
Publisher: AJ Press (1997)
Author(s): Davis
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1996)
P-51 Mustang
Author(s): Davis
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1995)
Mustang: The Story of the P-51 Fighter
Author(s): Gruenhagen
Publisher: Arco (1980)
North American P-51D Mustang
Author(s): Pęczkowski
Publisher: MMP/Stratus (2009)
P-51 Mustang in Action
Author(s): Davis
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (2008)
Fighters over Japan: Part I
Author(s): Szlagor
Publisher: Kagero (2007)
Fighters over Japan: Part II
Author(s): Szlagor
Publisher: Kagero (2008)
P-51D Mustang
Author(s): Zmuda, Niecko
Publisher: Kagero (2005)
North American P-51D/K Mustang and Cavalier F-51D conversion
Author(s): Matysiak
Publisher: Kagero (2011)
How to Build Tamiya's 1:32 P-51D Mustang
Author(s): Green
Publisher: ADH Publishing Ltd. (2011)
P-51/F-6 Mustangs with the USAAF - European Theater of Operations
Author(s): Szlagor
Publisher: Kagero (2015)
Southern Cross Mustangs
Author(s): Muir
Publisher: Red Roo Models (2009)
USAF Interceptors: A Military Logbook (1946-1979)
Author(s): Isham, McLaren
Publisher: Specialty Press (2010)
Fallen Stars 1: Crashed, Damaged & Captured Aircraft of the USAAF
Author(s): Laemlein
Publisher: Canfora Publishing (2018)