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Reference Material for Hawker Hurricane

52 Books Found

Hawker Hurricane
Author(s): Nohara, Ohsato
Publisher: Dai-Nippon Kaiga Co., Ltd. (1994)
Hurricane in Action
Author(s): Scutts
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1986)
The Hawker Hurricane IIC
Author(s): Mason
Publisher: Profile Publications (1965)
The Hawker Hurricane I
Author(s): Mason
Publisher: Profile Publications (1966)
Hurricane at War
Author(s): Bowyer
Publisher: Ian Allan (1974)
Hawker Hurricane: RAF Northern Europe 1936-45
Author(s): Goulding
Publisher: Ducimus (1971)
Hawker Hurricane
Author(s): Robertson, Scarborough
Publisher: Patrick Stephens/ Airfix (1974)
Hawker Hurricane
Publisher: Bunrin-Do (1991)
Warplanes of the R.A.A.F: Fighters 1921-69
Publisher: Kookaburra Technical Publications (1969)
Hurricane Special
Author(s): Allward
Publisher: Ian Allan (1975)
Zero, Hurricane & P-38
Author(s): Wilson
Publisher: Aerospace Publications (1996)
Hawker Hurricane Mk XII
Author(s): Gallemi, Peters
Publisher: Verlinden Publications (1994)
The Hawker Hurricane
Author(s): Franks
Publisher: SAM Publications (1999)
Hurricane Aces 1939-40
Author(s): Holmes
Publisher: Osprey (1998)
Hawker Hurricane Described
Author(s): Mason
Publisher: Kookaburra Technical Publications (1970)
American Eagles: American Volunteers in the RAF 1937-1943
Author(s): Holmes
Publisher: Classic Publications (2001)
Author(s): MacKay
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1998)
Avions de Chasse de la Derniere Guerre
Author(s): De Cock, Van Damme, Kit
Publisher: Editions Atlas (1979)
Hawker Hurricane Inside and Out
Author(s): Hiscock
Publisher: Crowood (2003)
The Hawker Hurricane
Author(s): Mason
Publisher: Aston Publications/ Motorbooks (1987)
Hawker Hurricane
Author(s): Jacobs
Publisher: Crowood (1998)
Hawker Hurricane
Author(s): Rys
Publisher: MMP/Stratus (2006)
Hurricane I vs Bf 110, 1940
Author(s): Holmes
Publisher: Osprey (2010)
Author(s): Bishop
Publisher: Airlife (1986)
Battle of Britain: Part II
Author(s): Goralczyk
Publisher: Kagero (2010)
Hawker Hurricane
Author(s): Gretzyngier, Ledwoch
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Militaria (1999)
Hawker Hurricane cz.1
Author(s): Fleischer, Rys
Publisher: AJ Press (1998)
Hawker Hurricane cz.2
Author(s): Karlenko, Michulec, Rys
Publisher: AJ Press (2001)
Hawker Hurricane cz.3
Author(s): Janowicz
Publisher: AJ Press (2001)
Hawker Hurricane cz.4
Author(s): Janowicz
Publisher: AJ Press (2002)
Hawker Hurricane
Author(s): Juszczak, Karnas
Publisher: AJ Press (1999)
The Hawker Hurricane 1939 to 1945 in RAF, Commonwealth and FAA Service
Author(s): Bridgewater
Publisher: SAM Publications (2001)
Hawker Hurricane
Author(s): Caruana
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (2008)
Hawker Hurricane MK I-V
Author(s): Chorlton
Publisher: Osprey (2012)
Hurricane Aces 1941-45
Author(s): Thomas
Publisher: Osprey (2003)
Hawker Hurricane I
Author(s): Moyes
Publisher: Aerodata International (1978)
Hurricane: A Fighter Legend
Author(s): Dibbs, Holmes
Publisher: Osprey (1995)
Author(s): Fornetti
Publisher: Italeri (2011)
Hawker Hurricane Planes and Pilots
Author(s): Breffort
Publisher: Histoire & Collections (2010)
Hurricane R4118
Author(s): Vacher
Publisher: Grub Street (2005)
The Hurricane II Manual
Author(s): Fopp
Publisher: Greenhill Books (2003)
Hawker Hurricane in RAF and Commonwealth Service
Author(s): Madgwick, Freeman
Publisher: The Aviation Workshop Publications (2008)
Hawker Hurricane Owners’ Workshop Manual
Author(s): Blackah, Lowe, Blackah
Publisher: Haynes Publishing (2010)
Hurricane at War: 2
Author(s): Franks
Publisher: Ian Allan (1986)
Hurricane: The RAF's Renowned World War 2 Workhorse
Publisher: Kelsey Media (2011)
Hawker Hurricane cz 1
Author(s): Gretzyngier
Publisher: MMP/Stratus (2005)
The Hawker Hurricane
Author(s): Callaway
Publisher: Mortons Media Group (2012)
Samolot Mysliwski Hurricane Mk. I
Author(s): Jonca
Publisher: WMON (1978)
Hawker Hurricane
Author(s): Shacklady
Publisher: Tempus (2000)
Hawker Hurricane MK.I/V in Royal Air Force and Foreign Service
Author(s): Ward
Publisher: Osprey (1971)
Hawker Hurricane and Sea Hurricane
Author(s): O'Toole
Publisher: Pen & Sword (2014)
Hurricane: Hawker's Fighter Legend
Author(s): Dibbs, Holmes, Riley
Publisher: Osprey (2017)