Zotz Decals | ZTZ32/034: North American A-36A Apaches in the MTO

Reviewed by Ray Peterson

A recent release from Zotz Decals is this sheet for the Hobbycraft A-36A Apache. Included are markings for three different colorful aircraft, all flown by the 27th FBG during the summer of 1943.

The markings are for:

“Dorothy Helen,” serial #42-83901, flown by John ‘Jeep’ Crowder of the 524th squadron, 27th FBG. The aircraft carries a red spinner and yellow ID bands, as well as a patch of what may be chromate yellow over the serial number on the port side.

“Margie H,” serial #42-83665, flown by Capt. Lawrence Dye, of the 522nd squadron, 27th FBG. The plane has a red spinner nose and yellow ID bands. The red on the spinner only goes to the prop openings.

“Piggy III,” serial #42-84157, flown by Capt. Bob Thomas, of the 527th squadron, 27th FBG. The plane has a red spinner nose and yellow ID bands. Note the upper port wing ID stripe does not match up on the aerilon, which was a replacement from another aircraft. The nose art actually was from the plane’s first pilot.

These decals, as usual for Zotz, are in very good register, with the clear carrier film looking quite thin. The colors look good, the yellow looks correct (not as per the scans!).

Note the small errata sheet: some of the first sets of decals were missing the crew names for the starboard side of “Piggy III.” If your sheet is missing these names, contact Eli at Zotz Decals on how you can get these names.

Definitely a nice set of markings, the only aftermarket sheet I know of for the Hobbycraft kit!!!

Highly Recommended.

© Ray Peterson 2011

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