Skunk Models Workshop | Kit #32002 NC-2A Mobile Electric Power Plant

Reviewed by Ray Peterson

A recent release from Skunk Models is this kit of the NC-2A mobile electric generator. I believe it is their first kit in 1/32nd. It was originally boxed as a NC-8A (as my box shows) but this has recently been corrected as the new boxes show the NC-2A designation.

I have exactly zero references on this vehicle, and the ‘net wasn’t much help. Especially when it took awhile to figure out they had miss-designated the model in my boxing! Anyway, I found a few drawings and that was about it. The model is close to the drawing, with a few detail variations. The general arrangement matches well.

The box actually includes two kits. Each vehicle comes on two sprues, plus a small decal sheet for each. Detail is well done and molding is sharp.

Assembly Notes

I went ahead and assembled one of the vehicles just to see how it looked built up. It goes together quite easily and fit is good. I think I spent about 4 hours to get it where it is now. A little bit of Mr. Surfacer should take care of the small gaps remaining. I only had one larger gap and I think if I watch my alignment a bit better on the second vehicle I can get rid of this one, too. Note I have not added the accelerator and brake pedals yet, or the bar that holds the steering wheel column to the instrument panel.

A few things to watch for:

Most of the joints are beveled and unfortunately the sprue attachment points are on these bevels so you have to be really careful removing parts from the sprues. The bevels are just butted up to each other with few alignment aids, so be really careful with alignment as you go. The tires and wheels are molded separately, which is nice for painting. I found the tires needed to be filed out a bit to go onto the wheels as they are a very tight fit. Mine are only pressed together as you see them here; I will paint them separately before final assembly. Conversely, the fit of the wheels onto the stub axles is loose and will need to be held in place or small wedges needed to hold the wheels square as the glue sets.

The small sheet of decals includes a few stencils and two different vehicle markings. They look thin and sharp, but I have not tried any of them yet.

Definitely a neat accessory for a carrier scene. A combination of the Academy F-18 with its included figures and one of these vehicles will make for a nice diorama. The two kits are also priced reasonably at about $24.00 for the two vehicles.

Highly Recommended.

© Ray Peterson 2012

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